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Compression Point Processing

This spiritual process is a natural release valve technique that can be used on anything one has charge on. And yes, you can relieve other people charged areas. I use it on the fly for the daily triggers that used to send me into a funk.

For specific areas or items: Punch up a single concept  or dichotomies.
Notice the patterns of mass and charge.
Direction of Flow?
Find the compression point
Notice and release its pressure, emotional content, moods, feelings and intentions.
Repeat until there is no compression point to find.
Find the Compression Point.
What is its Pressure? Release it.
Find Compression point.
Find Compression point.
Feelings and Moods?
Find Compression point.
What intentions are there?
Find Compression point.
Bleed off whatever is there.
How big is the mass?

If needed:
What can not be experienced?
What would you have to be responsible for if this mass or charge was gone?

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