It was February of 2014, when I had a new experience that kind of blew my mind.

In session, I was looking at the source of an emotion that was not mine. I pervaded the space and began perceiving the imagery in the space. Suddenly there was a sense of surprise and from my body’s position I saw an energy golden in color burst out of the image and travel a few feet and stop and the image appeared at the new location. Then it darted around. My attention was still in the image so my attention was involuntary redirected again and again and again as the being darted around and then it and its facsimile streaked away. He was trying to hide but I was hanging in there.

I sat in amazement, but could not recall what had just happened. I had to look and find the incident and play it back to know what happened. In all of my life, I had never had my attention being diverted in such a way. It was rather comical.

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