During our sessions, my wife and I encountered a few beings who stated they had followed a vortex that took them to our office in our home. We would handle them, but they would at times increase inn numberswithout our awareness of their presence. Sometimes they would become troublesome until we became aware of what was going on.

As we were approaching our house a while back, my wife spotted the vortex the which spanned the area of our house, coming out of the house and extending over at an upward angle spanning over 150 yards of land. Somehow this was placed on the back burner so to speak and I forgot about it until she mentioned it earlier this week and that it was causing negative effects on us.

Mass and force handlings were not sufficient from a point inside of vortexes, so I found the entrance went in, then sent pulses of light and energy to dissolve it.

I learned this technique two or three years ago when I expanded and a tractor beam from the east tried to pick me up. I freaked out and withdrew back into my living room’s space, but felt like a chicken shit, so I expanded again let it pick me up and pull me along for a while, then I sent a surge of energy through it, there was an explosion at the other end that was not so far off. Then it came back wider and weaker, I hit it again and it was gone.

It came back even weaker the next morning, still from the east (though the planet had spun around a bit. I did the same and have never encountered it again. This was an instinctive action. I do not know how I knew to do this.

Back to the vortex: The vortex was back the next day, bigger and with more velocity. Since my wife had a clear perception of the vortex, I started running Alan Walter’s force handling on her, but she literally got caught up in it and overwhemed. She was in the center of it can could not fully pull out. I asked her where the dead center was and I went to that point and ran the force handling. It calmed down some, then turned black and started churning faster.

It seemed as if I was fighting a losing battle, so I allowed myself to be pulled into it further, then shot energy and light throughout the entire vortex. It diminished.

I wanted to share the experience which is incredible, but one might could say I should have stuck with the process instead of jumping in it in such a brazen and cocky fashion, but it was one hell of a rush!!

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