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Bleeding Off The Primary Anchor Point

You are a spirit existing in the void. You have a primary anchor point which is necessary to integrate your consciousness into the physical universe. Use the spiritual process; Compression Point Processing Procedure to bleed off whatever is manifesting in present time, then to bleed off the Prime Anchor Point. The following information is offered…

The Vital Missing Technology of the Furies

by Alan C. Walter I have been training, coaching and processing clients on the subjects of success, prosperity and happiness, for more than forty years. In that time I have been able to observe and handle most case conditions. But there has been two very deeply hidden case conditions that booby-trapped or have been extremely…


“The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.” Socrates (470-399 B.C.) by Alan Walter ============================================================== CLEAN SLATE HANDLING LEARNING DRILL ============================================================== Definitions: YOU: The Spiritual Being; the life-force; the energizer. TERM: n. 1. A word having a precise meaning. 2. Any word or phrase used in a definite or precise sense. Synonyms: word, vocable,…

Celebration of Regained Abilities, States and Wins Procedure

By Alan Walter. Here is the procedure. It is easy to run. Do it in a relaxed manner. The consequence step is important as it runs out the later similars. Usually a big WIN is part of an Ascension Experience. So it acts as a near PT basic, basic. If you reaquaint yourself withe the…

Resolving the Mind with SUPER POWER

Punch up the dichotomies of Levels 4 and 5 of TROM. Stimulate the charge and handle with Compression Point Processing   LEVEL 4 Areas of Overwhelm Forced to know                      Forced to be known Prevented from knowing       Prevented from being known Forcing to know        …

A Simple But Powerful Process

Notice: There is a more detailed version of this process HERE. Compression Point Processing This spiritual process is a natural release valve technique that can be used on anything one has charge on. And yes, you can relieve other people charged areas. I use it on the fly for the daily triggers that used to…

I am so pleased to see your new website where you are sharing your wins and the processes you use to help yourself and others!
You have taken your Spiritual Rescue Technology training and have created your own mix of powerful spiritual processes to help others. I wish you great success in developing your practice!
David St Lawrence

Modus Operandi

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”
Bruce Lee

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