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Not This Time!!!

I ran out implants in session a few times and got a few glimpses of the inside of a few implant stations in session. When in session, we are dealing with memories which are usually from long long ago. I never expected to encounter an implant station in present time while in session, much less…

Spacation Processes

These are simple spacation exercises that can produce pleasant and often surprising results. Results can vary from person to person, so I am not going to tell you what to expect. For best results sit in center of room. Exercise 1: Locate the two upper corners of the room behind you. Hold your attention on…

Too Many Blowouts?

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Perhaps this can be true of genuine, ass kicking session blowouts. A lot of processing in a short time can cause a different state of mind. Such an elated state of mind can cause sleeplessness. This is even more true when there are…

Pictures Too Good Not To Share

I’m   It was a warm June morning just before sunrise in 2014. I had a pastime of photographing orbs. After extensive entity processing, I had developed the ability to see orbs. I then started photographing the orbs that I saw. At times, I would go by feel and take random photographs. That is how…

Telepathic Processing

My formal introduction to the principles of telepathic processing or telepathic auditing was through a lecture by Dexter Gelfand.  My first telepahic session was delivered by David St Lawrence. It as a considerable departure from the standard procedure of the Church of Scientology where the subject holds the electrode cans of the meter and the auditor…

Global Consciousness Processing

Processing on a global level is not a new concept to many. I have done it in the past, but it is easy to forget things we learn if we get out of practice. One important thing one of my mentors, Roger Boswarva, taught me was to become as expanded as possible when processing, especially…

Where Is Our Planet?

I would like to say thank you to one of my mentors; spiritual practitioner David St Lawrence. He helped me to resolve issues with a few billion spirits who had been upset with me for a long, long time. David and I first run into this incident about 3 years ago when I agreed to…

One Pissed Off God

I would like to say thank you to one of my mentors; spiritual practitioner David St Lawrence. He helped me to resolve issues with a spirit who had been upset with me for a long, long time. This was addressed after he processed me through and handled a previous incident from long ago. At the…

An Exercise to Improve Memory

This is a simple process which improves memory and makes a person feel better. 1. Recall a time which really seems real to you. 2. Recall a time when you felt real affinity from someone. 3. Recall a time when someone was in good communication with you. 4. Recall a time when you felt deep…

A Process For Unpleasant Recollections

This is a process to help with memories you had rather avoid. It is best to avoid memories with contain physical pain or heavy sorrow. 1. Recall the incident in its entirity from first to last. 2. Recall the incident once more. 3. Recall an earlier incident similar to it. 4. Recall an even earlier…

I am so pleased to see your new website where you are sharing your wins and the processes you use to help yourself and others!
You have taken your Spiritual Rescue Technology training and have created your own mix of powerful spiritual processes to help others. I wish you great success in developing your practice!
David St Lawrence

Modus Operandi

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”
Bruce Lee

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