1. Time is a limitation when handling entities. There is a seemingly endless number of entities in our personal spaces and the space we share on this planet.

How long do you suppose it would take to handle a cumulative cluster of beings or several cumulative clusters in an area.For example, what if the total number was 1000 clusters of clusters and cumulative clusters, containing millions of entities? I think if one were to handle the clusters with two way communication, one would expect to be occupied for some time.

Yes, time is a limitation in entity handling, so does it not make sense to use a method that enables one to get the most results possible in less time? I think so.

Group Processing

Compression Point Processing: Based on personal experience, the power of blowing charge by inspection increases proportionately to the number of beings one sets free from their traumas. As one progresses, so does the ability to control the volume and intensity of the inspection process. Optimally, it is done in such a manner that most, if not all, of the beings are handled as the charge is taken apart, leaving very little clean up.

Confusion Handling: A procedure to restore order to a chaotic area.

Locational  Processing:

  • Process 1: Precisely notice objects, spots on and inside of objects and spots in space.
  • Process 2: Contact and let go of the same object over and over until there is no more change. Then another object. This procedure works well in aesthetic locations.

Handling Fixed Mental Images: This procedure works wonders for stuck mental pictures.

Shock Incident Technique: For when the cluster or group of beings share the same event.

Mass Handling: For cumulative clusters and other groups that do not share the same event.

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