The basic cause of pain is “A collapsed universe” = a being has become a DOT. Its mind, its body, and its identity have become more powerful and bigger than they are.

From “The Destructive Dance of the Dots” by Alan Walter


Healing With Compression Point Processing

Wherever you have a collapsed space, there is a point of compression. it is at this compression point that magic can be worked with COMPRESSION POINT PROCESSING. Just concentrate on the area, find the compression point and drain off the pressure and emotion. It is a bomb of a spiritual process.

When a major incident surfaces, handle with Shock Handling. If a mass is detected, use Shock, Confusion, Mass and Force Handling.

In fact, once someone masters COMPRESSION POINT PROCESSING, they can move into other peoples space and release the pressure that is causing pain, whether it is spiritual, mental or emotional pain. Of course, the self determination of the individual helped may work against such helpful efforts, but relief for others can be achieved.

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