My first Spiritual Rescue Technology session with David St Lawrence was on July 31, 2013. It was the first time I had a session that involved communicating with spirits. It was an incredibly validating experience, but I had an incredible experience the next day that I am certain would not have occurred if it were not for the awakening experience in session with David.

The next day was August 1, a date that I approached with apprehension. It was not a total bad luck day by any means, but I had had some less than desirable experiences at least two times when the date came around in the past few years.

I had drove to town to take care of some errands that morning. I was turning around just about 50 feet from an extremely sharp curve on a street in the city limits. A field of tall corn was on the side which was the inside of the curve, so I could not see any approaching traffic.
I had turned left into a small dirt road and had backed up into the middle of the road to turn around. I was in no hurry and was enjoying smoking some weed during my drive.
Suddenly something came around the corner. It appeared to be a white framed object traveling well above the road and there was a force field in its wake. I received a strong telepathic communication telling me, “GET OUT OF THE ROAD, NOW!!!”
I acted immediately and quickly accelerated the car out of the middle of the road and into my lane. As I was doing so a motorcycle came speeding around the curve so fast it looked like the rider was leaning so far over that he was about to lay the bike down in the road. He barely avoided hitting me as he swerved around me.
I stopped in the road to regain my composure. It took me a minute or two to stop shaking. I am not sure who would have been found to be at fault if he had hit me. He was speeding excessively, but I was stoned and smoking weed.
August 1st of 2013 almost lived up to my past experience of not so good dates on that date. This one would have been tragic, a young man may have died, if it were not for at least one spiritual friend.

I am certain that it was no coincidence that the spiritual intervention occurred the day after my first SRT session.

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