The Basic and Sacred Rights of All Beings

Though the emphasis of this writing is on entity handling, the basic rights of a being are universal. Whether in bodies or without, all beings have certain basic,natural and sacred rights, which are: All Beings have the right to their own self-determinism; the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All Beings have…

Group Processing: Handling Entities Faster

Time is a limitation when handling entities. There is a seemingly endless number of entities in our personal spaces and the space we share on this planet. How long do you suppose it would take to handle a cumulative cluster of beings or several cumulative clusters in an area.For example, what if the total number…

Waking Up

Pointers on preparation for deep spiritual processing or to avoid going through life in a trance: Question everything the media or your government tells you. Assume personal responsibility for your actions and your life situation. Do not assign responsibility to a good  or evil deity. Follow no one. Think for yourself Avoid fluoride toothpaste. Spend…

What Is Spiritual Processing?

By Alan C Walter By definition a process is a sequence of events or actions that lead to an end result. The definition of Spiritual Processing is a series of spiritual processes, spiritual actions that lead to an enhanced spiritual awareness and spiritual end result. A greater presence of spirit. Spiritual Processing is an adventure,…

Handling Spirits in Volume

If you are able to perceive spirits well, you are surely aware that there are far more spirits without bodies than with bodies.  When looking at a large mass, there are often hundreds, even thousands of clusters of beings that accumulated over time.  An area charged with  emotion  is a magnet for spirits that resonate…

Spiritual Delusions and Illusions

On a spring afternoon of this year, I found myself in town with some time to spare, so I went to the cemetery for some recreational fun; handling spirits The first thing that caught my eye was a small statue of an angel. It was a marker for a two year old child. Upon inspection,…

Life Goes On

I was handling entities at the graveyard on a spring morning. I was looking at residual energies and entities who were laid to rest around a tree when I noticed some entities from the graves attached to and even thinking they were the tree. The tree’s roots had invaded their graves and their physical remains…

Exploring Unknown Areas of Self

Have you ever experienced something, then immediately forgot about it, only for it to surface later in life or processing? There is something there, but it is not accessible.  This is where the Clean Slate Handling Procedure shone brightly in a recent session. My client had been working in a particular area for some time,…

The Freedom from Being Taken Over by Destructive Outside Forces’ Commanding and Control Devices Procedure

By Alan Walter (Processing Booby-Trap Locator) These devices are such things as brainwashings to fail, false goals, false identities, false dreams, false perceptions, false intentions, false images, false plans, false incidents, false times, false locations, false reasons, false actions, false completions, false products, false relationships, false people, etc. They booby-trap processing, success, awareness, prosperity, memory,…

Godlike Attributes

Like it or not, you are godlike and divine. The attributes of a god can be what one would consider to be positive and negative. These are the Godlike Attributes that Alan Walter compiled for the Ultimate Breakthrough Series. An excellent series, I might add, but I have a different application for these attributes. We…

I am so pleased to see your new website where you are sharing your wins and the processes you use to help yourself and others!
You have taken your Spiritual Rescue Technology training and have created your own mix of powerful spiritual processes to help others. I wish you great success in developing your practice!
David St Lawrence

Modus Operandi

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”
Bruce Lee

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