My formal introduction to the principles of telepathic processing or telepathic auditing was through a lecture by Dexter Gelfand. 

My first telepahic session was delivered by David St Lawrence. It as a considerable departure from the standard procedure of the Church of Scientology where the subject holds the electrode cans of the meter and the auditor reads the needle action.

I was being processed by an auditor who was holding the cans and reading my charge on the meter.

It was and still is a blast to be the one holding the cans to the meter while processing someone on Skype or even on the phone thousands of miles away. The reads are instant and actually arrive faster than than the speed of light. It is bewildering for the subject who just thought of something only for a second and I respond, “What was that?”

Of course, it is possible to do the same thong without a meter. A  meter is not needed, it only validates the experience.

Dexter and David no longer use the meter in session. The meter is often a distraction.

Whether the meter is needed or not needed for one to deliver a telepahic session, here is my introduction to the concept…..


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