Life As A True Static

-By Bodhi Warren

September 6, 2020

I cannot say I am pure static but I can say I am more static than theta and mest. This I know as I maintain it all the time. I can say one thing about it… there is no turning back, there is no receding; this is not something that one loses once gained.

In processing we are always looking for the major plateaus; the really big levels are the ones that leave one with lasting and stable states, sustained, maintained and permanent.

So it is with a true static. It is very noticeably different compared to just a short time ago.

The bottom line is static is neutral between life’s ebbs and flows, and I am an equilibrium between the dichotomies of life.

I am static amidst inversions. Life as we know it is an inversion. There are pockets of peace, tranquility and sanity, but as one becomes more aware and involved in life, it is very evident that counter-intentions abound.

There is no shortage of counter-ideas, counter-postulates and counter-forces in this universe. A true static traverses life and maintains a static state, amidst all these and it is a defining achievement.

Saying this universe is an inversion is almost synonymous with saying this universe is a matrix. LRH has paved a way for us out of the inversion and out of the matrix.

And this is how one gets out:

A thetan “has to be balanced on these dynamics, otherwise the imbalance freezes him in. Think of that for a moment. So he’s got to be up into a level of practically pure thought. And the reason he can be up into pure thought is he’s not going to take any MEST with him, believe me, and he’s not going to withdraw on that.” PDC 58

Life as a true static shows a balance along these dynamics. When one is completely balanced in all aspects of livingness and maintains it, it is a state of true static and one is no longer trapped in the matrix nor the inversions we find ourselves stuck in.

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