Technique Summary: Inversion | Ascension | Transcendence

The Inversion | Ascension | Transcendence techniques will take you home if you are willing to take the journey. And it will not take years to get there.

True Static Training Routine

Be 3 feet in front of your head

Assume / occupy True Static

Spot the Inversion

Occupy the Inversion Point

Spot The Inversion

Technique 00

If you take any read on the meter or an incident that is bothering another being or PC and have them spot what in the incident is 14/1000 (fourteen one-thousandths) the size of its whole it will then blow.

Just like that! You can also have them get and multiply by 0.014 separate quantities of matter, energy, space, and time but that is a more lengthy and time-consuming method of running this.

I have been able to run and blown entire chains of incidents in little under five to ten minutes depending on the content and severity of them. 

To be able to do that is light-years ahead of any processing procedure we have had before it.

This is Technique 00 ladies and gentlemen and I encourage you all to use it.

L. Ron Hubbard

Spotting The Inversion

The measurements of portions of theta – MEST impinged in static help one begin looking but knowing the precise measurement is not necessarily needed.

Locate target
Spot the Inversion

The same goes for true static’s primary inversion being handled in the Transcendence Technique.

Occupy true static
Spot the Inversion

Inversion | Ascension | Transcendence



The logical progression is one discovers the Inversion sequence for self, comes to an Ascension as a being, and with that one gains an ability to inherently Transcend. Each step contains a definite and unique process in and of their own.



The Inversion Sequence

f you want a glimpse into what it is to be an OT then all you need to do is run the INVERSION SEQUENCE and you can see yourself.

It is done by taking an incident one is running and finding what is 0.014 of it its total whole and then once it is located simply STEPPING THROUGH this point and the inversion caused by this and its complementary incident.

This will put you into a REVIVE of the inverse incident in which you can relive it and change any part thereof for better or worse.

L Ron Hubbard


Technique 0-0

You simply find the equilibrium point (0.014) in your regular incident and then you simply ask yourself for, or put your attention on its “counterpart” or opposite in static and it will immediately pop up.

Then find the equilibrium point (0.14) in the static incident and find the similarity in the two incidents or equilibrium points and how they are data of comparable magnitude.

Once this happens a massive discharge will take place from the static incident or point to the one on this side of things and it will all completely blow.

By all I mean EVERYTHING that happened or is associated with the space between these two points.

Imagine if this were five thousand years? You get my point right?

It all comes back. The data, ability, and experience are returned to the being in the process.

If the discharge does not occur for some reason simply look at another aspect of the static incident until you get the proper viewpoint on the EQ point until it does.

Let me warn you that this shit is BRUTAL but oddly does not harm one in the way you would think physically.

It also does not cause a drop in tone or energy but the opposite.

By brutal I mean it has caused me to yell, scream, talk in languages I do not know, punch shit, kick shit, and cause general mayhem inside and outside of session but has not resulted in any lasting trouble.

Just case gain.

It is Technique 0-0 (EQ – EQ) or static – static and is all that will and ever can exist for all time until infinity.

It is you. Panoramic and complete.

L. Ron Hubbard


The Transcendence Technique

Transcendence steps:

  1. One has to be at Transcendent state of True Static. If not, continue Ascension phasing until one has transcended.
  2. Once at the Transcendent state of True Static spot the .00000014(one-hundred and forty millionths).
  3. When this happens, and by doing this, simultaneously one spots and locates one’s identity in all the vast cosmos and universe. (the identity IS the inversion .00000014)
  4. This sends a flow of true static to the identity; which causes it to receive a huge amount of [source, supreme being, god, static] an influx of an inherent state of perfectness to the being at the physical level. (thus a divine revelation)

Without even spotting any item, it causes self to become absolute in a state of perfectness.

Whole static as a physical being.

If there was any item or anything bothering the individual it washes away; as-ises and it’s gone.

What this does is send a communication through the inversion of .00000014 to a receipt point, which is one’s identity in the physical universe. Anything attached to the identity in present time resolves.

Bohdi Warren

End Result

True Static

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