A Process For Unpleasant Recollections

This is a process to help with memories you had rather avoid. It is best to avoid memories with contain physical pain or heavy sorrow.

1. Recall the incident in its entirity
from first to last.
2. Recall the incident once more.
3. Recall an earlier incident similar to it.
4. Recall an even earlier incident similar
to it.
s. Recall the earliest incident that you can
get like it.
6. Recall all these incidents, one after the
other, in their entirety.
7. Recall all the incidents again, one after
the other, from the earliest to the latest.
8. Recall all these incidents again.
9. Go over the chain of similar incidents and
find later ones on up to present time.
10. Recall a pleasant incident which has
happened in the last few days. Get all
possible *perceptics on it.
11. Recall what you were doing an hour ago.

*perceptics: perceived and recorded sense messages, such as smell,
taste, touch, sound, sight, etc.; perceptions.

This information was taken from Self Analysis by LRon Hubbard.

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