Addressing Specific Areas of Knowingness

The following dichotomies embrace all that we do at the highest level.

For addressing specific areas or time periods with spiritual processing:

STEP 1:Prefix Questions with “Connected to”, “Regarding”, “In the area of”, etc.

STEP 2: Select Item from chart below.


LEVEL 4 Areas of Overwhelm


Forced to know                                       Forced to be known

Prevented from knowing       Prevented from being known


Forcing to know                                      Forcing to be known

Preventing from knowing      Preventing from being known


Must be known                                                     Must know
Mustn’t be known                                            Mustn’t know
Must know                                                      Must be known
Mustn’t know                                              Mustn’t be known

STEP 3: Word Question so it reads and feels natural to you or the person you are processing.

Example: In the area of business, what has been forced to be known?

STEP 4:  Handle Whatever Surfaces

Method 1: Compression Point Processing

Method 2: Detailed Processing The slow road is often best. Handle whatever is there with an appropriate spiritual process, such as Shock Handling or Mass Handling.

STEP 5: Run All Possible Dichotomy Pairs These dichotomies can be paired in order of items  horizontally or vertically and there are benefits to running out all combinations.

STEP 6: Repeat Steps 1-5 If Necessary.


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