All of Life is a Spiritual Process

“Life is a bitch” is an old saying that most of us, if not all, have used at sometime in our lives. It is not hard to adapt such a mindset. Perhaps you have felt that life is a bitch at sometime in your life. ‘Life is good” is another perspective; a 1980’s yuppy saying that reflects a more positive viewpoint that most can say that they shared at sometime.

All of life is a process. Everything we experience is a spiritual process. That includes the good and the bad. That can be hard to comprehend and accept as true when one is overwhelmed by life.

Unfortunately, the source of the relief is hidden in the the pain. If not confronted, the pain will cause more pain and spiritual, mental and physical pain if its contents are not confronted. The wounds can be physical, mental or spiritual.

The way out is to confront what is there. It can be confronted now, next week, next year or never. One can have reasons for holding on to such pain. The rewards of pain are often charity and sympathy. One can use pain to get what they want.

Yes, life is a spiritual process filled with mini spiritual processes. The fun starts when you start processing life and those areas of pain are dissolved and all of the life force you had tied up in moments of the past are released and once again at your disposal to create.

If you look at this with time track perspective, taking into consideration that what is not confronted in this lifetime will be there to confront in the next lifetime and if not confronted then, lifetime after lifetime until it is resolved.

Life is a process, so one must be aware of what they are creating, because that is what will be experienced as a consequence.  Could it that we create our own reality? Perhaps, even all of it, good and bad?

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