Ascension Phasing: Technique 0-0

Many are going to ask me how to run Ascension Phasing so I am going to go ahead and do that now so that I do not have to answer questions for the next million years or so!

Let us start with the standard definition of ascension and it is: “the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.”

By a higher level in phasing we are RETURNING all of the enturbulated theta, emotion, energy, pain, love, hate, and anything else that is trapped in an event or picture to the individual FULLY.

We are not GETTING RID OF or ERASING anything as we previously did with processing.

The way this is done is one locates an incident or thing of interest to them and finds the point within it or that is a part of it that equals fourteen-one-thousandth (0.014) of its total whole.

Many have had trouble with this concept in the past but the best way to look at it is space.

Say you marked out one-thousand feet on the ground and then located the fourteenth foot mark.

That would be the mechanical point at which the impact or equilibrium in a standard incident would occur and become a part of the reactive mind or be recorded in the physical universe.

This is what causes aberration as we know it and by locating it we have caused remarkable case gain in short amounts of time but there is another factor here I did not know about.

That is the TRUE FORCE and it is the static counterpart of any incident or facsimile that is recorded or exists in the universe.

You simply find the equilibrium point (0.014) in your regular incident and then you simply ask yourself for our put your attention on its “counterpart” or opposite in static and it will immediately pop up.

Then find the equilibrium point (0.14) in the static incident and find the similarity in the two incidents or equilibrium points and how they are data of comparable magnitude.

Once this happens a massive discharge will take place from the static incident or point to the one on this side of things and it will all completely blow.

By all I mean EVERYTHING that happened or is associated with the space between these two points.

Imagine if this were five thousand years? You get my point right?

It all comes back. The data, ability, and experience are returned to the being in the process.

If the discharge does not occur for some reason simply look at another aspect of the static incident until you get the proper viewpoint on the EQ point until it does.

Let me warn you that this shit is BRUTAL but oddly does not harm one in the way you would think physically.

It also does not cause a drop in tone or energy but the opposite.

By brutal I mean it has caused me to yell, scream, talk in languages I do not know, punch shit, kick shit, and cause general mayhem inside and outside of session but has not resulted in any lasting trouble.

Just case gain.

It is Technique 0-0 (EQ – EQ) or static – static and is all that will and ever can exist for all time until infinity.

It is you. Panoramic and complete.

L. Ron Hubbard

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