Back to the Future

During a session in 2016, I handled an entity that was trying to get my client to harm his family. More specifically, to kill his family. I got into communication with the being to find out how it had lost its last body.

A child spirit had possessed a complete stranger to attack and kill him for no reason. I asked when it happen, his reply was 2021. It seems that the Philidelphia Experiment may have screwed up our time track, or so the being and client explained.

With his attention off of his death, the entity left. I do wish I had taken time to talk to him about events that folks like betting on.

I did find out a lot about these child spirits. From another dimension,  it seems they are present in more places than not, often encouraging children to kill their families. It seems that they do this out of boredom. We are talking about an advanced intelligence without a purpose playing games with those they can control. It is sad.

I wonder how many children and adults are affected by them. Surely, counselors and practitioners have encountered people affected by these child spirits.

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  1. Bernard Isaacs July 25, 2016 at 2:22 am

    This is quite interesting because it’s really something that happens more often these days. Children are really having a hard time in this lifetime /era. Could it be that these entities are more active these days because of all challenges children are facing?


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