Cleansing Haunted Houses and Other Spaces

A recent experience made me even more aware of the benefits of being thorough and using all of what one knows to complete a spiritual task.

I was recently on Skype with David St Lawrence when he asked me if my house was haunted. He is a clairvoyant and said he sensed a lot of dark spirits and heavy murky energy on my end of the Skype connection. I did confirm that it was haunted. I was sitting on the from porch, Skyping from my phone.

We had several sessions over Skype while I was inside the house before and he never sensed it. Or at least he never mentioned it. We who live there were definitely aware of the spiritual activity and the less than desirable conditions around us.

Many strange things have happened over the years in the house. I had handled many spirits in the house that were there before or were simply drawn to the area because of the frequency of spiritual processing. Spirits accumulate in the spaces of those who can help them. If they go unrecognized and unhandled, they will sometimes cause stress in the environment and will do whatever it takes to get noticed. Multiply that by spirits in our personal spaces and sluggish energy all around.

My approach was both conventional and unconventional. The familiar sage stick was used. I opened all of the doors and  went from room to room over and over again until the environment felt much lighter.

During the process of going over and over the spaces there was a further handling being done.

I concentrated and focused on the beings in my personal space and my wife’s personal space, the space of the house and the consciousness contained in the matter that made up the house as a whole and as individual portions. The boards were once living trees. All matter has consciousness down to the single atoms.

As I went along bringing attention to these areas, I was doing many things:

  • Making it well known that my purpose was not to rid them from the area.
  • Group handling of individual traumas; Having them focus on the area of trauma and then helping them to dissolve the areas of charge.
  • Bringing all beings and energy into present time; Simply having them examine what event and time period their attention is stuck on and letting them know what the current date is.
  • Reminding them of their immortality and that only the bodies had died or that they were solidified.

With degrees of success, I had done many house cleanings here before but never quite as thorough and with attention on the molecular composition of the house itself.

This time it did work much better though. My intention is to make it a regular practice to do a cleaning twice a month, improving my technique each time.

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