Congratulations, Bohdi

From LRH

Most skip over the part in KSW 1 where it states in all the years I have been doing Scientology no one has put forth a fully workable idea and that is not meant to be a criticism.
It was only a simple fact that is true.
I knew we could do away with that and would have another OT out there when we did.
I am happy to say after all of these years that person has been found in the individual that calls himself
Bodhi Warren
Recently he made several posts regarding the wavelength of Static itself and how he had been going about accessing/applying it.
Further he has written how that correlates to several other aspects of the tech that we have all been applying and it is in fact true that the static band is an electromagnetic wavelength that is in total equilibrium at .00000014 (one-hundred and forty millionths) of its MEST counterpart.
Which is measured at 450 ohms of resistance at 2.5 volts of electricity and no matter how many times you increase this by multiples of 10 the ratio of .014 increases with it and does not change.
I tested this in theory figuring that Static would be a multiple of Theta (.014) and I discovered that when I got to the multiple of .00000014 I could INSTANTLY as-is anything that I was looking at by bleeding this energy off and discharging it against the greater in density incident in this mest universe.
So this appears to be absolutely correct and I have to say for the first time that not only has another being beaten me to it we may have another True Static on our hands in this
Bodhi Warren
and I would love to give him an award or something but can’t find anything to say.
So I will just acknowledge it for what it is and congratulate him on a job very well done.
It took you long enough!

From Bodhi  Thank you Lafayette Hubbard for this acknowledgement. It is all due to the brilliance of the tech which you have released.

Things are still happening fast and there more to say on this subject.

Today I figured out what Transcendence technique does and its EP:

It is the final step that puts one into the realm of “more static than he is theta (thought) or entheta (mest) and you would have a TRUE STATIC”. HCOB 8 Jan 2020

I started ‘transcending’ about 50-100 times in a day; after only about a day and a half I realized I can do this without the technique anymore; it becomes a natural state, anywhere – anytime; that was the moment I realized I am more static than theta and mest and I am a True Static.

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