Dynamic Process

This is a variation of a process created by Alan Walter. I am not sure how many of his rundowns include it. I found it in his Fear to Daring Procedure.

It is also a variation of McMaster’s / LRH’s Power Processing 6.

Great for running dichotomies. The idea is to address the negative item first and then the opposing term.

Word Question 1 appropriately for a specific situation. Example below.

1. Recall a time of ______.
2. What happened?
3. How did you handle it?
4. What condition was created?
5. What have been the consequences?

6. Recall a time of ______.
7. What happened?
8. How did you handle it?
9. What condition was created?
10. What have been the consequences?

Run repetitive. When your attention becomes fixed, check to see if there is a shock incident there. Then use  Alan Walter’s Shock Handling.or Dexter Gelfand’s version of the Alan Walter’s Extended Shock Handling.

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