Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management, Wastewater and Odor Control: Odors and solid waste are easily solved problems without the use of hazardous chemicals. AQ-4 biological treatment is the proven biological way. AQ-4 will reduce odors, neutralize most chemicals and add oxygen to the water for the benefit of microbial activity, handling the three problems of solid waste, wastewater and odor control. Contaminated liquids, odors and solids can be handled by AQ-4 effectively, to produce happier growers and friendlier neighbors and regulatory agencies.



AQ-4 Lagoon Treatment Controls Odors, Solids and Pump Maintenance with ONE EASY application.

  • Cost per year is very economical and competitive.
  • Save dollars! Recharge pits with lagoon water saving expensive pump outs and redistributes existing microbes.

AQ-4 is more than a biological treatment. AQ~4 is a hog lagoon treatment that consists of stimulators to cause rapid reproduction of native and the selective microbes contained in the blend. Enzymes are added to aid in the break down and digestion of solids by live microbes, which in result in the production of more enzymes.

More information coming soon.