Entities and Clusters: Why Process Them?

Entity is an understood term which is more commonly used to represent a body-less spirit than the term, “being”. Most people would search online for entity handling than handling beings. So I chose to use my least favorite term, entities. With that established, I will just call them beings in this conversation.

These beings are simply spirits without bodies. More often than not, they can not pick up a new body because they are stuck in some moment in the past, which is usually the death of their last body. Once the beings are unstuck and in present time, they are more able to go and do whatever they please.

I have found that when working with clusters and single beings, they usually think their present time is at the time of the incident or not too long after.

What are clusters and how do they form? There are many reasons to fixate beings over long periods of time.

For example, when an event occurs that results in the loss of life, the ones that lost their lives usually attach themselves to the being that they consider to be responsible. They remain with responsible being until they are handled. Most of the time, when a being is part of a cluster, it can not pick up a body and rejoin life. They can roam around in the ether or attach themselves to things or bodies.

Why should we care to process these beings? Out of compassion for one. Another reason is, if these clusters and beings are attached to you, they may think they are you and will dramatize their pain, problems, failed solutions and fears into your present time. They are stuck in the past and usually perceive present time to be integrated with their past incidents. Present time is usually a dreamlike state for these guys. Handle them and one’s life improves.

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