Exploring Unknown Areas of Self

Have you ever experienced something, then immediately forgot about it, only for it to surface later in life or processing? There is something there, but it is not accessible.  This is where the Clean Slate Handling Procedure shone brightly in a recent session.

My client had been working in a particular area for some time, but was unable to access vital missing pieces of the puzzle. There was an area of heavy charge, put there by the client to protect him from what was hidden.

It is a mechanism that most, if not all, of us have used or will use in our lifetime. We have been using it lifetime after lifetime to protect us from what we do not want to confront. Most of these incidents surface during processing, but sometimes only a portion is accessible, and it will not budge, stuck there, timeless in a area of heavy charge.

The Clean Slate Handling Procedure will take it apart piece by piece, revealing what must be confronted for the person to experience a release. It is a wonderful little spiritual process for self exploration.

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