Fast Track to OT


By Bodhi Warren

Esperianism moves fast. Anyone can gain access to the life betterment techniques found within it and makes gains fast; and this is because of one main reason.

Esperians are taught an important datum at the start:

The days of putting an onus on auditors and staff to clear a planet, and save mankind, are over. The days of demanding one sacrifice self for the sake of others are over. The days of expecting one to abandon their own dynamics to salvage others’ are over. And the days of being a spectator (someone who holds onto cans as someone audits them up a bridge) are over.

Esperians are causative players, active participants; ones who create and control their own bridge progress.
Scientology may have been here to save you. Esperianism is here to help you save yourself.

In the past, the amount of hours and obstacles involved in getting someone not only in session but getting one trained as an auditor was too much, for too many. Only the tough were able to survive the challenges faced in becoming a classed auditor.

The solution is SOLO-PHASING: taking oneself across the bridge, in one’s own hands, on one’s own determinism; at the very start and initiation as an Esperian.

The purpose of Scientology levels and classifications was to gain an ability to audit others.
Class 0 – ability to audit others on Communication
Class 1 – ability to audit others on Problems
Class 2 – ability to audit others on Overts and Withholds
Class 3 – ability to audit others on ARC breaks
Class 4 – ability to audit others on Service Facsimiles
All of the levels in a Scientology Auditor’s training regimen are geared towards auditing others.

After one gains these abilities, only then do they train to audit self.

The gains on these levels may enhance one’s solo-auditing expertise; however, there has been a discovery which changes – everything – and it is called:

It used to be that half of gains come from training and half from processing. By and large, training side of the bridge gains enhances K-R-C and processing side gains enhances A-R-C.

I gained much K-R-C (power) by learning to be an auditor and this power was vital to maintaining a state of OT.

Auditor experience was necessary due to the fact we still had an unsolved, impending basic-basic; there was still a tiger loose, and its name is Incident Zero (Universal Basic). The stability gained from being trained helps give one an ability to maintain self amidst that tiger.

Incident Zero erases the tiger. Once one audits Incident Zero it erases the need for abilities gained in training on the lower levels.

After Incident Zero, one gains an inherent characteristic of Stable Clear and maintains native state K-R-C and power; as basic-basic has been as-ised.

Esperian processing eliminates that which impedes Scientology, its bridge and processing, heretofore; communication, problems, overts and withholds, ARC breaks, and service facsimiles; all of the subjects contained in the lower grades and auditor training levels.

Ron has undercut the processing to such a degree that what were previous barriers to OT are no longer barriers; there is no longer a need to train and learn about what is taught on these levels.

They may be valuable for understanding, but they are not necessary. We now embark on a new course and path; one that is a fast-track to OT.

Esperianism starts a new student by giving a course on how to solo-phase (solo-audit). This is the emphasis and training stress at the start.

Esperians know the importance of taking responsibility for self, making one’s own progress, one’s own advance and one’s gains, which breeds at a very early stage, a great confidence, certainty and ability in self.

Auditor training levels mirror the grades – the grades were created to resolve hang-ups on the road to OT; communications, problems, overts and withholds, ARC breaks and service facsimiles. Esperian processing does not have these hang-ups. The approach in Esperian processing completely bypasses these as applicable, as phenomena, as appertains to bridge advance.

These are not the wholetrack issues facing an OT. In Scientology, these were the barriers to address before solving the wholetrack issues facing an OT.

Ron’s newest tech releases and processing undercuts so dramatically, what were previous barriers to OT are no longer barriers.

The grades on the Scientology bridge are in actuality just releases from hindrances to cases advancing rapidly. The idea is that once these barriers are removed, then one can solo-audit and progress to OT. SOLO and OT are the actual goals.

Thus Esperianism puts one on the road to OT at the very start. This is the bright reality we find ourselves in as Esperians.

One of the advantages of being exterior to a time track is being at any point on it; and I have been up the track and this is how it happens, this is how we win.

In Esperianism the problems of the past are no longer; the solution is and always has been full responsibility for self. We instruct this from day one and this is how we win. And this is why solo-phasing is the fast-track to OT.

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