Free at Last

I was visiting a cemetery a while back. It is a personal pastime that goes way back to when I was a child. My grandmother used to take me to cemeteries all of the time. I enjoy it until this day.

Now days, I walk through the cemetery and go to whatever gets my attention. This time, I noticed three small tombstones, which were identical and in a line. Upon inspection, the dates of death ranged from 1924 to 1940. Graves of infants who died right after birth.

My attention went into the first grave and grief struck me hard. The being was trapped in a grief charge that formed a capsule. I recognized that the grief was from the loved ones that came to the grave and cried their hearts out. I can not describe the feeling I got from the spirit of that child, trapped in the grief of loved ones who lived with the pain of loss, only to imprison the child they loved for almost 100 years. The mourners had surely passed on by now, but the prison of grief remained.

With my attention in its space, I remained there until all of the images and emotional pain of its death and of grieving loved ones surfaced and dissolved until the capsule was gone. The spirit of that precious child was free and I could feel its joy, amazement and appreciation. My tears of grief changed to tears of joy.

After a few moments, I  focused on the second grave and found the spirit of another child, trapped in another encapsulated hell. The release of this child was almost identical to the first. This time my tears of joy were so great, I can not describe the joy I felt.

On to the third grave. The spirit was gone, free. Perhaps this child’s parents were not so tender hearted or the spirit left after death so there was nothing for the grief to attach to. I was happy for the third spirit and overjoyed for the first two.

These are the simple pleasures that we spiritual practitioners enjoy, they make all of my training and perseverance worthwhile.

I have helped many spirits before this happened, many since then and there will be many more. They are all rewarding experiences, but so far this one was the greatest for me, to dissolve the hell of love, heartbreak and grief that held two precious spirits hostage for a century. Some would call this ability a curse, I consider myself lucky. I can’t wait to return to the cemetery, I always sense there are many others calling out, “What about me?” The calling is always there,  souls crying out for help.

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