Technique 09 Additions: Technique 09 – C

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The Methodology and Technique for Handling Direct Physical Universe
Charge — and Terminals
Due to the whole-scale application of Technique 09 over the last few
months — I have made one small amendment — and have added an additional
portion to — the procedure.
This addition to the procedure — is Technique 09 – C.
This is done in a concerted effort to make this whole entire procedure —
all three parts of it (Technique 09) — as easy to understand and run as possible.
The minor addition — is that instead of running plus and minus with any
version of the procedure — it is being replaced by running black and white.
Instead of running and asking for a positive — you simply have the pc
turn whatever they are looking at — or viewing — white
And instead of running and asking for a negative — you have the pc turn
whatever they are looking at — or viewing — black.
This is done to account for lower-level gradients — and to make it
possible to access the data — and perceptions — that are necessary to then run
the other portion of the procedure on an incident.
Which is essentially running off postulates at a higher level on the tone
What we are doing here — is taking an incident and running black on
white on it — until all of the data blows in to view that is necessary — to pull
the postulates from it.
Bringing the incident up through the higher levels of the tone scale —
and in the process — the static-band.
This inadvertently causes a pc to spot the point of equilibrium within
each incident — and as-is it fully.
That being said — some new phenomenon and data has come to light —
in the process of running this.
Which gives insight on the reason why so many cases have had difficulty
in becoming OT.
Namely — obtaining exteriorization with full perception.
It appears — that this is a direct result of being condensed as we come
down through the tone scale.
As a static — at the top of the scale — we can be considered to be
omniscient and omnipresent.
Then — as we begin to make our own postulates and put out our own
space — via dimension points — we gradually begin to mix-up and misidentify
with — the postulates and dimension points of other beings.
Causing — what we consider to be a composite case.
This closely monitors the tone scale, be-do-have triangle, and all other
relevant Scientology phenomena — at that case level.
It is a progressive and gradual reduction in awareness — and ability —
to have things.
With the belief — that the being is now a part of this collective whole or
game — when in reality — they are separate from it — and always have been.
This state is not quite as severe as being located within a body and
reduced down to that singular viewpoint — but it does come with its own
trappings and difficulties.
After a being has identified with a game for so long — it begins to
become sympathetic — for certain terminals and things — especially bodies.
At which point — the being then fully becomes — and identifies with
— a body.
This is just a brief overview — and is not meant to cover all of the
individual and minute details — but will give a general idea of how this occurs.
Demonstrating — that there are three degrees of charge — that affect us
within the physical universe.
They are first-person charge, second-person charge, and third- person
More accurately — being labeled case, composite case, and physical
universe case.
The important thing — is whether or not a pc has the raw ability to
confront these areas of a case.
This seems to be the only determining factor on how you program —
and run — a case.
While taking into consideration — what the individual wants to handle.
There are also different degrees of case gain — and wins — that
correspond to these different areas.
With progressively more gain — as you go up through the three.
Now — we already have procedures that cover the first two with
Technique 09 – A and Technique 09 – B.
I will be presenting the third here now — Technique 09 – C.
The sole purpose of this procedure — is to directly address physical
universe charge — and terminals.
In a way — this will be very familiar to the technology that can be found
in The Creation of Human Ability — but is catered towards infinite case gain
— and application.
First — it will be necessary to present a couple of new definitions here
— but they are very basic and intuitive.
NODE A singular unit — or terminal — of matter, energy, space, time,
or awareness — within the physical universe.
These can be individual particles — or a whole collection of them (in the
case of the formation of an engram or facsimile).
NEXUS A collection of two or more nodes within the physical universe
— that are grouped — and classified — within the same category.
For instance — a collection of MEST – A nodes — would be a nexus.
Not a collection of mixed-and-matched nodes — that are composed of
Now — you can use the following command in step one of this procedure
— or you can incorporate any major grade process — or question — as a

  1. “What about yourself — or the universe — would you like to
  2. “Can you locate a nexus of matter, energy, space, time, or
    awareness — that is connected to that (running item)?”
  3. “Is this a nexus of matter, energy, space, time, or awareness?”
  4. “Can you locate a node — that is connected to this?”
  5. At this step — Technique 09 – A commands are used — to as-is —
    the node obtained from step four.
  6. Step four — is then repeated until there are no more nodes that are
    connected to the nexus — in step two — and the nexus has as-ised.
    This is — of course — by no means a rote procedure — and this will
    take a lot of tact on the part of the auditor — to pull off.
    But — once you do — you cannot mistake the case change and end
    phenomenon of this procedure.
    In auditing this procedure — I have seen a nineteen division LFBD on
    the meter — which I have never seen before.
    What you want to do here — is query the PC and discover a nexus that
    is connected to any major running item — that has charge — and then run
    every single individual node — that is connected to that nexus.
    Utilizing Technique 09 – A.
    Keeping in mind — that positive and negative — have now been
    replaced by black and white running.
    Now — a few additional points.
    I have discovered — an entirely new end phenomenon — by auditing
    with this procedure.
    I will be writing it up in a separate bulletin — but will provide the basics
    of it here.
  7. Never allow a PC to walk away from a session — having cognited
    — WITHOUT a subjective reality on what has just been run!
    This means that every single time — you must be absolutely certain
    that you allow a pc to cognite — with a direct correlation and reality
    — on what they are running.
    For instance — if the process Remember Something is being run —
    the only cognition you let the pc off the hook with — is one in
    which they originate that this is the reason why — they have been
    having difficulty with their memory.
    Same cognition — but with a correlation — to direct cause-andeffect.
  8. With all the data I have seen for sessions on this procedure — a full
    EP occurs — once the incident that keyed-in the difficulty or item
    — is discovered.
    There is usually one incident that is in present time — another that is
    along the wholetrack — and one that can be found in the Universal
    Basic — or Incident Zero area.
    The data on Incident Zero — and how to run it as of this date — can
    be located in HCO BULLETIN 16 FEBRUARY 2019 — THE
  9. The PC having originated — that they have exteriorized from the
    incident, terminal, or charge — that they are running.
    That is just how it sounds — it means that they have fully
    disconnected — and exteriorized from —whatever they were
    interiorized into.
    This is usually accompanied by stating — that they now have the
    capability of seeing the whole sequence of events — or the three
    incidents mentioned above — laid-out before them.
    This all still accompanies a floating needle — but the major factor here
    is — that cognitions are replaced by subjective-cognitions.
    Whether this applies to the whole entire Bridge — and the rest of the
    technology — is yet to be seen — but the upside of concentrating on
    subjective-cognitions — is that we can never again mistake a true end
    Locate a nexus based upon a major running item — then run off all the
    nodes that are connected to it — until the full ep mentioned above — with a
    subjective-cognition and exteriorization — is achieved.
    And you will knock some tops off!
    I cannot begin to go into the depth — and reach — that this form of the
    procedure has — as I would be here for the next thousand years trying to
    explain it to you — but am more than happy to let you find out for yourself.
    Though shortly — I will be writing another book on all of the theory —
    that underlines this.
    In the meantime — use this to make some noise.
    A lot of it!
    Copyright © 2019
    by L. Ron Hubbard

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