Global Consciousness Processing

Processing on a global level is a familiar concept to many. I have done it in the past, but it is easy to forget things we learn if we are out of practice. One important thing one of my mentors, Roger Boswarva, taught me was to become as expanded as possible before beginning processing. This is especially when processing from a distance.

Recently, I was working on lessening and removing a state of amnesia which had been imposed on a group of embodied beings who share a common thread and a common purpose in this lifetime. This state of not remembering has been in effect for over 20 years.

I was having some success with using 2 way spiritual communication, sending love, light and energy, Compression Point Processing and Alan Walter’s mass handling while mocking up and viewing the dispersed group and their charge from a distance.

I mentioned my delimma to Roger Boswarva, who suggested running the following Knowledgism processes: Force Handling, Basic Moods Handling, Agreement and False Realities Telepathically Projected Imagery Handling and Force Handling. Results seemed to be much better.

I would like to take the time to provide a link to Roger’s Knowledgism Practice Group. It is great forum and he and other folks are more than happy to help with whatever your attention is on.

Back to the subject now. As in the past, viewing what appears to be outside of you and handling the charge as external to yourself does work, but there is a more effective approach:

  • Bring your attention to where you are. I am not talking about the body. Just focus on your spiritual location for a few minutes.
  • Then bring your attention to your size as a spiritual being. Ask yourself how big are you. Keep your focus on the perceived size of you the spiritual being,
  • Alternate back and forth until you feel the hugeness of your beingness. This is good practice to start your day with or to do before processing of any kind.

This is a Knowledgism process called Presence One from the Destructive Dance of the Dots. It can be found on Roger’s forum mentioned above.

So back to my experience, I did the above procedure running the same processes. This time, it was much more effective by viewing the globe and the individuals I was targeting as parts of my own being. The idea is to look at the areas of charge and dissolve the charge.

Of course once I did this it was difficult to distinguish between the charge of the targeted group of individuals from the charge of other individuals. The charge can be from embodied and disembodied beings. The disembodied beings may be underground in their graves, above ground in an area or attached to a person they have charge on or they may just be wandering around or floating in the atmosphere.

Please process the all of charge you find when doing this style of processing,

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