Godlike Attributes

Like it or not, you are godlike and divine. The attributes of a god can be what one would consider to be positive and negative.

These are the Godlike Attributes that Alan Walter compiled for the Ultimate Breakthrough Series. An excellent series, I might add, but I have a different application for these attributes. We want to drain the charge off of the items, so further processing will run better.

One method is to run the Godlike Attributes with the Dynamic Process.

Word the first question in a way that sounds natural and feels right to you or your client. I like using “Recall a time of (ITEM)” or  “Recall (ITEM)”.

OR use Compression Point Processing to handle more quickly.

I recommend both spiritual processes!!

Godlike Attributes
  • Ignorance/Knowledge
  • Mortality/Immortality
  • Dishonesty/Honesty
  • No Integrity/Integrity
  • Falseness/Truth
  • Inability/Skills
  • Stupidity/Wisdom
  • Absence/Presence
  • Disconnectedness/Connectedness
  • Powerlessness/Sovereignty
  • Unforgiveness/Forgiveness
  • No Ownership/Ownership
  • Weakness/Power
  • No Cause/Cause
  • No Effect/Effect
  • Cruelty/Mercy
  • Hate/Love
  • Denial/Validation
  • No Permeation/Permeation
  • Incapability/Capability
  • Inability/Ability
  • Dishonor/Honor
  • No Appreciation/Appreciation
  • No Responsibility/Responsibility
  • No Affection/Affection
  • Non Comprehension/Comprehension
  • No Communication/Communication
  • Disharmony/Harmony
  • Discord/Accord
  • Indifference/Care
  • Disrespect/Respect
  • No Acknowledgement/Acknowledgement
  • Non Duplication/Duplication
  • Abhorrence/Adoration
  • Unfriendliness/Friendliness
  • Coldness/Warmth
  • Melancholy/Elation
  • No Joy/Joy
  • No Gaiety/Gaiety
  • Unhappiness/Happiness
  • No Tolerance/Tolerance
  • No Charity/Charity
  • No Empathy/Empathy
  • Energy/No Energy
  • Distance/Closeness

Image Credit: becomealivinggod.com

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