Goodbye to the Mind

By Bodhi Warren


“The only thing wrong with a mind is a mind. I’ll go over that again. The only thing wrong with a mind is that it is a mind. That is all that is wrong with it: it is.

Because it’s so rigged up that every action an individual undertakes, every action undertaken is then held in suspense. Everything he’s done bad and done wrong is held in suspense to the end of time.

And somebody talks about karma. They’re talking about – without knowing what they were talking about – this series of pictures retained by the mind. All the pain and agony of yesterday can be carried in this mind and can be turned on again against the individual. This mind may have use. Who knows? But for sure it has liability. It has kickback. It is a sort of a trap. An individual is never free of his acts of yesterday.”
. . . Unless one audits the inversion sequence. Then one eliminates the liability called a mind. That’s what this processing does. Static knows. One really has no need getting caught up in the quicksand-like trap of a mind.

The more I audit this inversion sequence the less mind I retain and the better qualities of theta (ability and intelligence) I exhibit.

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