Group Processing: Handling Entities Faster

  1. Time is a limitation when handling entities. There is a seemingly endless number of entities in our personal spaces and the space we share on this planet.

How long do you suppose it would take to handle a cumulative cluster of beings or several cumulative clusters in an area.For example, what if the total number was 1000 clusters of clusters and cumulative clusters, containing millions of entities? I think if one were to handle the clusters with two way communication, one would expect to be occupied for some time.

Yes, time is a limitation in entity handling, so does it not make sense to use a method that enables one to get the most results possible in less time? I think so.

Group Processing

Compression Point Processing: Based on personal experience, the power of blowing charge by inspection increases proportionately to the number of beings one sets free from their traumas. As one progresses, so does the ability to control the volume and intensity of the inspection process. Optimally, it is done in such a manner that most, if not all, of the beings are handled as the charge is taken apart, leaving very little clean up.

Confusion Handling: A procedure to restore order to a chaotic area.

Locational  Processing:

  • Process 1: Precisely notice objects, spots on and inside of objects and spots in space.
  • Process 2: Contact and let go of the same object over and over until there is no more change. Then another object. This procedure works well in aesthetic locations.

Handling Fixed Mental Images: This procedure works wonders for stuck mental pictures.

Shock Incident Technique: For when the cluster or group of beings share the same event.

Mass Handling: For cumulative clusters and other groups that do not share the same event.


  1. Argos September 5, 2015 at 11:31 am

    Dear Tim,

    According to my experience, dealing with a very large number of entities is not a problem at all, yet it requires expertise, and above all, the understanding that ALL entities are from a single source, there is no way one can deal with a huge number of entities at a mundane level, like to grant them ” human rights” of sort, I mean no offense, I sincerely wish to share my experience, which is that there is no entity when operating on 6, 7, and 8th dynamic, yet, to operate at that levels, you get to be able to handle ANY kind of entities on lower dynamics, that’s it!
    Ignoring that the very question about entities is that you cannot separate their ”beingness” from the question of worship, or, the question of faith, or surrender, all together, leads nowhere!
    In the other hand, once well understood and established that ”entities” are entities because a common failed purpose to handle the question of ”identifying” their common source, all became simple, and FAST!
    Of course, at a lower level, one should be able to form an efficient team of entities to handle and brief all other entities,
    so solving the problem to handle larger and larger number of entities!
    But once this is done, it become easy to grant autonomy to the whole process!
    And that the key to start to operate on the higher dynamics! Well, Ron did try to solve that, in its own way, as for me, a solid understanding about the nature of the problem of worship and surrender, brought me to an indestructible faith, and a level of operationality never reached, at least that i know of!


    1. Tim Lewis September 5, 2015 at 9:16 pm

      Hello Argos,

      By your comment about granting human rights to entities, I assume you mean this article on the basic rights of all entities. I do think we should have a moral compass and grant all sovereign beings such rights.

      Creative processing is fun to create and all delivered excellent results and saved time, like when the client has to go soon and there is something that needs handled is a good time for Compression Point Processing. It is quick and efficient. In the same manner, I used the Locational Process when my client had only minutes left before having to go, but a stubborn being that was moving around in the lower leg. The being is out, she experienced relief and the being is there to be processed later.

      I do like the idea of going straight for their failed purposes. Thank you for that!! I will try it out.

      1. Tim Lewis September 7, 2015 at 11:08 pm

        I have not had as much success with quickly unburdening the being’s failed purpose as you suggested, but failed purpose processing has been useful tool.

  2. Argos September 6, 2015 at 1:22 am

    Dear friend,

    I was referring to that article on basics right to entities, indeed, the idea to respect all living entities, animals, human beings, trees, rivers, etc, and, of course, desincarnated entities, is just so obvious! But, sadly, some people are still surprised to find that animals could be considered as ”individuals” ! May be this article is for them, trying to educate them, as for me, I cannot help, but find funny to try to agree on ”basic right to entities” because, if we are down to that level, I don’t honestly think that there is any real hope of salvation provided to them, I use the word ”SALVATION” on purpose, because, my opinion is that an atheist can only provide a temporary relief for entities, which is already respectable, but short of what truly need/s one entity, or a cluster of entities, well, a reborn Christian, could be even worse, having frozen considerations on what God is,or not, also the concept of ”sovereignty” applied to entities, have me jumping!
    Because what needs an entity is just in the opposite direction, all entities are longing to be back in oneness with their ultimate unique source! Or we may have a different interpretation on what true freedom is?
    It is like ignoring how this reality is created and sustained, entities are needed to make this illusion considerable, so, is the reincarnation principle, being the very time structure of it! How one is supposed to heal/handle beings, not knowing about these fundamentals? No one like to be perceived as judgmental, but if I can help to clarify, the failed purpose of any entity, is not having recognized in due time, the right owner of this universe, the one needed to assume the authorship of this creation, in order to have it to persist, so, indeed, a lot of compassion is required to help the entity to understand that it is a victim of the unfairness of the game, resisting to that unfairness, the entity is building up charges, from the very start! But as soon as the entity understand that the principle of reincarnation has to be fishy, in order to create a sustainable game, charges blow up, and this is in full awareness that the entity chose to be again one with its source! Finding in it ultimate bliss…we are far from a question of individualized sovereignty, indeed!

  3. Argos September 6, 2015 at 10:54 am

    Tim, dear friend!

    I can sense that we are actually so close in our feelings and views, I am pretty sure that what set us apart is only a matter of wording, and may be methodology, for ex. I have sometime hard time to adapt to Alan Walter ”terminology” that I resent as too much ”analytical” and as extravagant as a restaurant menu[lol] you seem to feel more comfortable with it…
    So, please don’t take my posts as trying to challenge your views, I am aware that my ”opinion” about worship, faith and surrender are just that, my personal views and experience that I would love to share, without pretending being any ”authority” in these matters, we have to operate with what works for each of us, and avoid the tendency we all have to believe we are ”right” … but as long as we can provide relief for others, we are all …right!


    1. Tim Lewis September 7, 2015 at 11:15 pm


      Presented in a respectful manner, all viewpoints are welcome, especially the viewpoints of longtime processors and teachers.

      Authority status is not so important. After all I am standing on the backs of giants while pursuing my primary motivation and the motivation for creating this website, which is the further development of spiritual technology.

      I have been working with Knowledgism and using Spiritual Rescue Technology and Compression Point Processing as needed. I have found that using the right process for the situation in spite of its length works for me. I struggled with applying Knowedgism until I was fortunate to receive some coaching and auditing from Roger Boswarva.It was what I needed to grasp the tech.

      When running Spiritual Rescue Technology sessions, I use Knowledgism and Compression Point Processing as needed.

      It does not matter what the source is, the focus here is using the best of the best tech. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.


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