Handling Amnesia With The Inversion Sequence

By Claudio

Today is an incredible day.
I continued in session with the INVERSION SEQUENCE and had to struggle with something I saw in yesterday’s session but could not process.
It concerns SELF AWARENESS in Incident 0.
Going through the 0.014 point and the INVERSION caused by it I got into the forgetting mechanism a bit more deeply.
At first I was lost, because when you go from PT backwards you don’t understand why things seem to go backwards and then I was able to go through it :
-PT = You’re auditing yourself and you “don’t know.”
-D- Incident 0 = Postulate “KNOWLEDGE”.

  • Point 0.014 of the size of the whole
  • Stepping through this point and the inversion caused by this and its complementary incident
    -C- Knowing that you will postulate “KNOWLEDGE”
    -B- Postulate the incident that will happen (the audited incident)
    -A- Acceptance of not knowing
    I’ve seen now how forgetfulness works.
    Point A, the acceptance of not knowing, the basic of forgetting, is well hidden in Static but you can find it again by applying the INVERSION SEQUENCE.
    Otherwise it is always point D, the Postulate of Knowing that appears and it forces the Thetan to admit that he does not know, because he is seeking to know.
    A diagram will be much better than any explanation.

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