Handling Spirits in Volume

If you are able to perceive spirits well, you are surely aware that there are far more spirits without bodies than with bodies.  When looking at a large mass, there are often hundreds, even thousands of clusters of beings that accumulated over time.  An area charged with  emotion  is a magnet for spirits that resonate the same emotional tone of the area and they attach themselves to the mass.  These areas are collapsed  space containing stuff that is not easy to confront for you and/or the beings that may be attached.

The Charge is Holding It All Together

A collapsed area should be approached with the consideration that it is an area of charge which likely has a few beings stuck in its mass. The fastest way to restore harmony this area is to handle and release the charge, then handle any beings that may still have an upset after the charge is lessened.

It may take some work to develop the ability to dissolve the charge and release its contents which have been trapped in the past.

The process is simple. When you are dealing with a mass with many clusters, remove the charge first with Compression Point Processing. I don’t mean to sound like a cheerleader for this process I developed. but I do not know a quicker or more efficient way to lessen the charge in an area with minimal upsets.

Then next step is a respectful spiritual handling any of the beings that remain. Handling spirits by restoring harmony and bringing them to present time produces favorable results with very little upset.  I am not going to reinvent the wheel here. David St Lawrence has done the work and shared his Spiritual Rescue Technology procedures. In summary, the object is to get into communication with the beings, find out their purpose for being there and help them handle anything they have their attention  on. Many beings can be rescued from their own Eternal Hells so they can rejoin life or do as they please.

Your target can be small or large. With practice, you will be handle larger and larger groups with less and less effort and cleanup.

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