I Am What I Am And It Is Not Perfect

There are many who like to go on about how it does not matter if I am LRH and the man did not define what the tech is.

That cannot be farther from the truth.

Don’t be fooled by this and it is only an attempt to cause division between us by casting doubt on what we are doing here by alluding that I may or not be LRH.

Have no doubt that the technology of Dianetics, Scientology, and Esperianisim is synonymous with the identity and personality of LRH.

There is not one without the other and I realize that some have an “I don’t give a shit mentality and it is only about the tech” and this is alright.

As long as a person has respect for what we are doing it is fine but if they do not they cannot take it seriously and it creates an inability to do the tech.

I am who I am and it is not perfect. It never has been. What I can assure you is that I am definitely LRH or what is left of him.

If you are told otherwise I would question if the person who is saying it is really your friend.

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