I Will Wait For You

Having an interest in helping cemetery spirits, I found myself at a cemetery yesterday afternoon. When I stopped the car, my attention was drawn to a small white tombstone. Instead of walking towards it, I began walking in the opposite direction. I started sensing a feeling of despair and of feeling trapped, as I saw an image of the tiny white tombstone. Naturally, I turned around and walked over to it.

It seemed odd that I was not sensing a strong presence at first. It did seem as if I was called over, but nobody seemed to be around this grave, but there did seem to be a presence enveloped in an area of charge.

On the little tombstone, were the names of parents of the child, which were written on tombstone was right beside him. They had lost in their son in 1960 at the age of two years. The father had been a pastor in his lifetime that ended in 1974. The mother was still alive in the same body.

The spirit of the father was still present in the grave. when I asked him what year it was he responded that it was 1974. I let him know that it was 2015 and asked him to notice the car behind me. He still remained after realizing he had been stuck in the grave for 40 years. He asked about his son.

I let him know he was beside him all along. I placed my attention into the son’s grave once more, but this time, the charge blew and then the being was above the ground, most likely the first time in 55 years. The two spirits were now aware of each other. I asked them to move from one spot to another. I could sense of release and empowerment, but they still remained.

I figured the reverend was waiting for Judgement Day, so I asked both beings to remember who they were before their last lifetime. There was a new awareness of being eternal beings, but they remained. The telepathic communication I got was, “Not without her.” They could not leave without the mother.

They remained and stated that they are not leaving until the mother joins them. True love never dies.

I promised to stop in every once in a while, I guess they liked my company. I got that they were happy I stopped by.

I stopped back by a few days later and took the advice of David St. Lawrence and suggested they go to the mother/wife and comfort her in her last days. They left.

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