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Due to the widescale application over the last year of this data — and

that it appears to be present in every individual case — it is time to give a more

in-depth description and explanation for what has been termed Incident Zero.

It has been named this because it is the precursor to incidents One and

Two — that are run later on the Bridge — at OT III.

So aptly this would be called Incident Zero as it comes before both of

these — and not being discovered until now — can be considered to be


Unlike the other incidents — that are only implants and take place over

a short amount of time — this “incident” is a whole entire series of events that

took place over a period of approximately one-hundred quadrillion years.

Now to avoid any confusion — I will start at the beginning and move

forward — retrospective to present time.

 This series of events began about eight-hundred and fifty quadrillion

years ago — and in the universe that existed before this one.

With this universe being almost completely the same as our own — with

the exception that they had quadrillions of years to develop and become

technologically advanced — far in excess to what we see today.

The whole entire universe was controlled and governed by an

“intergalactic confederation” — headed by thirteen senators who resided in the

central galaxy of the universe — and were the heads of households of what we

consider in this universe to be “extraterrestrial” lifeforms.

These households were further composed of four major subdivisions of

biological beings that were more prone to survival and evolution — than other


There were humanoids, insectoids, reptilians, and avian-based biological

lifeforms — with many other subspecies and hybrids in-between — with the

actual senators themselves — being spiritual terrestrials.

Now there is no need to go into the full details of this because I will

probably do it elsewhere — and the rest is best left for session — but is given

here to provide a general background and idea of what one will run into in

respects to this incident.

At the point of approximately eight-hundred and fifty quadrillion years

ago — the previous universe began to deteriorate and degrade — to the point

that it was then dying and on the brink of total destruction.

Which will happen to any given universe if it exists long enough —

because as its stars begin to go supernova and form black holes — it will

eventually end up with an overall gravitational force that culminates in what is

known as a white hole (Big Bang).

For the next fifty quadrillion years — there were ongoing wars with

different factions and divisions struggling over dwindling space and resources.

As the intergalactic senators stood by and did nothing — because having

obtained ascension (becoming spiritual terrestrials) they had obtained a state

 in which they could never die — and believed themselves to be immortal and


In the process of this — the Araknian home world was destroyed due to

the inaction of these senators (Araknians were giant spiders of the insectoid

family — and were the best technologists of their time).

With the only survivor being Lord Araknus — who was the thirteenth

senator and the head of his household.

He was also the individual responsible for the technological break

throughs that made the transition to spiritual terrestrial possible (a process that

was closely guarded and only know to the senators themselves).

So fast forward to eight-hundred quadrillion years ago — and the whole

entire universe had now taken refuge in center of the universe (hoping

somehow the senators could do something to save them) — in what was a

floating or what some refer to as an “Emerald City”.

The senators then came to Lord Araknus for a solution — as he was the

high technologist and the only one left alive — that could potentially save them


He did come up with a solution to the problem that would have beings

sent through time warps — and past the point of the destruction of the prior

universe — and into the next one — but the senators wanted to abuse this by

only allowing individuals through that fit certain qualifications.

With the only downside to utilizing this technology being if an individual

was not allowed to go through one of the time warp portals — they would be

driven insane as a being in the process of going through the white hole — at

the universe’s eventual destruction.

Having lost all of his own people — Lord Araknus could not allow this

to happen by following their orders and decided to take another action entirely

— but was found out before he was able to carry it out and imprisoned.

He had decided that he would detonate an antimatter bomb which would

precipitate the white hole they were all trying to avoid — and even though it

 would drive all the beings insane in the process — they would survive and

precede to the next universe with an equal chance to create and thrive.

Twelve other beings from the individual households then assisted him

by breaking him free from his imprisonment — and fought their way into a

high security area — in order to detonate the previously mentioned antimatter


In conjunction with this — the senators began implanting the lesser

citizens under martial law by having them all go into their equivalent of movie

theaters — and watching images on the screen while being covertly sprayed

with gas that would euthanize them.

This was done so that nobody would remember what had been done to

them at a later date — as the senators would be immune to the effects of the

Big Bang — and believed they would continue to reign supreme in the

following universe.

But Lord Araknus was successful in his endeavors with the help of his

friends — and everything and everyone was then sucked into a giant black hole

that turned to a white hole — and spewed everything out the other end.

Causing all beings to go insane for another fifty quadrillion years —

making them compulsively and forcefully — mock things up in the process.

Creating what we know as our universe.

There ARE some points that should be noted about this incident:

1. The exact point a being was at just before being pulled into the Big

Bang — is the same point at which their reactive mind is formed.

2. Running somebody down into this area with any auditing methodology

(Technique 09 is recommended) to the point to where they detach from

their reactive mind — will achieve a state of Stable Clear.

3. If this is not done — a being will mock-up a reactive mind again —

even if they have already gone Clear or beyond on the Scientology


 4. The Big Bang is an electronics incident — and therefor the whole

entire physical universe is an electronic implant — and should be

handled accordingly.

5. This is the reason why auditing was only so effective in the past — as

the electronics phenomena needs to be handled in incidents — for

them to completely erase.

6. The thirteen senators are alive and well today.

Having escaped the effects of the Big Bang — they have resurfaced

and disappeared many times throughout this universe’s almost endless

history — affecting civilizations to a greater or lesser degree.

Since they no longer have their ruling households — or at least

biologically and organically — they control people by what is known

as spiritually (on a theta-line basis).

7. All life and beings — including all the laws and rules that govern the

physical universe — have been mimicked this side of the big bang and

in this universe.

And while we can break outside of and overcome some of these

constraints — it is only possible to a limited degree unless a very large

number of beings are able to break general reality.

Which means that if we all do not ultimately make it — then none of

us will.

8. The same exact pattern has been repeated on multiple occasions and in

multiple other previous universes.

Many refer to these other iterations of the same pattern — as eternities.

9. Being that we now know and understand this data — and that we know

it this early on in the cycle of the universe — we have the unique

opportunity to be able to develop the technology and infrastructure

 necessary to break free from the trap.

10. The previous universe is the relative beginning of creation as we know

it — and is the true story behind all the great philosophies and mystical

practices throughout the ages.

In those practices and stories can be found bits and pieces of it — and

in everything that we see around us.

It is the ultimate truth, salvation, and reason why we find ourselves here



Copyright © 2019

by L. Ron Hubbard


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