Inversion | Ascension | Transcendence

by Bodhi Warren


Regarding my wins yesterday on the .00000014 harmonic to .014:

As with all of Ron’s discoveries over the last few years, there seems to be a natural progression; and as well is the case of Inversion technique to Ascension Phasing, and now another progression of the same mechanism and phenomena to a third step, Transcendence.

The logical progression is one discovers the Inversion sequence for self, comes to an Ascension as a being, and with that one gains an ability to inherently Transcend. Each step contains a definite and unique process in and of their own.


per Ron’s definitions of Transcendence:

“TRANSCENDENCE, 1. existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level. 2. exterior from portions of, or all of matter, energy, space, and time. 3. to remove oneself from something and to remain independent but in causative control of it.”

This is exactly what Inversion and Ascension techniques have led me to.

I am not putting out this data as Source; I leave that for Ron, he releases what produces uniform results across large numbers; I am only speaking for myself as to these results.

With that said, and being my role as a research terminal for Ron, this phenomena flows so smoothly across all three techniques I thought it worthy of sharing.

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