Inversion Sequence: How It As-Isses a Mind



In running the inversion sequence each item traces back to an inception point and as-ises. In its absence one sees that an item itself is a component of what we call a mind.

After as-ising an item I operate anew as if something was ‘missing’; not just case blown and feeling good; but the feeling as if something necessary to existence was now missing. It was as if I needed something that has now disappeared and only then realize it was an aspect of a mind, that has been used up to now; and the importance of its use was great, and assumed necessary.

And then I recognize this state as superior to using a mind. Instead of mechanics to understand, I simply now have OT TR 0 on a subject, with awareness and knowingness and nothing else.

The mind, therefore, is a collection of memories and incidents which are being held onto, compounding as time moves on. The longer someone is in this universe the more mired down they become in a mind, the more experiences and incidents stack onto it.

Clearing up to now mostly disassociated one from the masses and mechanisms. One was ‘clear of’ a mind. As-ising completely is a whole other higher quality of experience. I think we are looking at, a difference of, Theta Clear and the making of a Cleared Theta Clear. And so, as my own position, I see now Cleared Theta Clear would also be one who is no longer in need of a mind.

Each item (some have more affect) is a component that makes up a mind. And when one audits the inversion sequence it removes these components, rapid and complete. So fast actually that I am left simply ‘being there’ and aware (knowing) as with OT TR0; the native abilities of a thetan are to perceive and to postulate. That is the basic state I am left in.

When items are as-ised it shows me again and again I have less mind, which is a discovery, a heuristic; a deduction, and it leads to simply more being there perceiving and knowing.

With this discovery I am seeing for the first time I do not need — a mind. It is a mechanical trap to a static. It may have been useful at certain stages of development; not any more.

This is starting to give me a subjective understanding of what may be a True Static, and is really mostly what we commonly know as Operating Thetan.

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