Inversion Sequence: Processing to Cleared Theta Clear



In the last year, processing has been leading towards a state of Cleared Theta Clear and even more so now with the recent release about the inversion sequence.

Auditing an inversion sequence has me constantly in a state of awe, and wonder; it is not something I blowout and have major cogs on; I wonder what is happening as I walk around in life, experiencing a new quality of existence.

I wonder if I am holding onto anything from the past at all anymore. This auditing is unlike many of the rundowns LRH has released.

I know something is different; it is a very fortunate position to be in as I sense a major shift of being. I am not the man I was. It takes many sessions to address this shift as I make progress into an unknown.

What is happening is I have less mind, less attention on MEST, less connection to the past, less pictures; this in my opinion has become clearer and clearer, as a direction towards Cleared Theta Clear.

I perceive, evaluate life differently now; I walk through it with less concern and more potential; a body, past lives, identities, incidents and pictures, are unimportant because I see now I was holding onto them as a mechanism for havingness.

An experience of mass and havingness is becoming utterly unimportant to me now. And with this I am seeing and realizing a new quality which needs no ‘holding onto’ anymore.

What is Cleared Theta Clear?

“if you were to put down you’re going to make a cleared theta clear out of somebody, oh no! How can you state you are going to do something of which you do not know the scope and dimensions? …It is not a goal. Because it has no scope or meaning. What can a thetan do? Now, we’ll say cleared theta clear. You couldn’t put down such a goal. Because that’s the postulated outer line unattainable absolute.” 5212C12B

LRH says “what is the outermost limit of it, Lord knows! Haven’t got any idea and you haven’t either. You won’t have for a long time!” 5212C12B

Well, it has been a long time since 1952 – almost 70 years; and now he is giving us processing which is leading us faster to this goal. It all relates to havingness and mest.

“Possessions absorb and enforce time; only without possessions would one be able to regulate time at will. This is a singular attribute of the cleared theta clear, and to him possession of MEST is extremely unimportant.” 8-8008

Possessions, havingness, don’t have pizzazz anymore; they aren’t as attractive. It is a low-order state of existence. It robs one of true potentials and higher qualities.

“The state of cleared theta clear is, however, another thing, for it means a person who is able to create his own universe; or, living in the MEST universe, is able to create illusions perceivable by others at will…and to have and feel no need of bodies or even the MEST universe” 8-8008

“A cleared theta clear would be a fully cleared thetan, something so much higher on the tone scale than a MEST clear or theta clear that it is difficult to comprehend.” HOM

One is “subject to some aberration and will be until he attains the state of a cleared theta clear.” HOM

What this inversion sequence is doing is moving one so high up the tone scale one looks back almost with an aversion to MEST; unappealing as it once was, knowing what a scam it has been and what it has done to countless souls.

“Your next level is a Cleared Theta Clear – whereby all of a persons engrams have been turned into conceptual experience, he is clear all the way along the track” 5206C27A

“a Cleared Theta Clear would certainly be one who could stay out adequately—out of all heads from here on out.” 5210CXX

These have been achieved and the Genetic rundown was a big head start to this.

“if he’s in close association with the body…He feels he has no motive. That’s because the body has no life. …That’s what gives him his goals. …a MEST goal, a lineage goal…Your thetan is much more interested in a higher level debit and credit system of what he himself has done to himself, by himself, and for himself…. So, all this stuff applies more to Homo Sapiens, because of the GE, than it applies to a thetan. You’ll see this whole picture change in an individual after you have theta cleared him and brought him up toward cleared theta clear.” 5212C10A

And this is what is happening, this whole picture is changing now as I am auditing towards cleared theta clear.

LRH says “(The body carries around mental-image pictures and the thetan does the same and these two combine to form the mind.) The mind, then, is a bridge between the spirit and the body” PAB 130

I see now it is not just ‘a’ bridge — it is ‘the’ bridge.

And that is what has happened. I see now the products of the mind, facsimilies, are mocked up havingnesses that keep one from realizing an ultimate truth of a static.

“MEST, by the way, could get back very easily into static—greatest of ease, get back into static—simply by finding the bridge by which it walked into being MEST…If you can spot the when and where of creation, of anything, everything will either disappear or stay as long as you say it’s going to stay, and no longer.” 5411C08

When one audits the inversion sequence it always leads to a point of creation — a static. The bridge which has been a focus of attention since 1950 is disappearing. And, that is a surprise. It is not a bridge I traverse, it was all a mockup which I created which I have learned how to as-is. MEST has been an abstract mockup, an illusion; and static has been a prime mover unmoved all the while.

We move from an unknowing MEST past to knowing it, to letting it all go. And this inversion sequence is the easiest simplest way I know to start as mest and end as static.

Thank you Lafayette Hubbard

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