Life Goes On

I was handling disembodied spiritual beings at the graveyard on a spring morning. I was looking at residual energies and beings who were laid to rest around a tree when I noticed some beings from the graves were attached to and even thinking they were the tree. The tree’s roots had invaded their graves and their physical remains were converted into nourishment for the tree. Somewhere along the line, the beings began to think they were the tree.

I started noticing other trees and the graves around them and the variety of scenarios. The beings that had assumed the viewpoint of a tree were all from old graves that tree roots had invaded. In some cases, the tree in the area was not there or was small when the graves were formed and the roots eventually entered the decomposing wooden casket. There were beings and/or residual energies and area of charge attached to most but not all of these trees which invaded the graves.

Some of these beings were reluctant to leave their new “bodies”, but most were amused and released easily.

The spirit does not die, it is eternal. Death is an illusion. Life goes on.

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