Meter Drills: Fumbles

4. The coach now shows the student various incorrect can grips and asks him to correct them. The student should keep the needle on the dial so he can notice the TA position. 

Incorrect grips include:

a. Holding the cans too loosely with not enough skin contact.

b. Holding the cans too tightly.

c. Holding thumbs along the side of the can instead of around.

d. Having the fingers sticking out over the top of the cans.

e. Wearing finger rings.

f. Keeping one or more fingers off the can.

Drill: To teach the student auditor to differentiate between the reaction of thought and of body motion on the meter. If there are body motions during a session, the auditor removes these from the TA counter at the end of the session.

Same as above, the student reads a bulletin and takes notes of the TA positions. Put the TA counter at 0 before each drill.

The student auditor makes various body motions: sigh, yawn, breathe deeply, cough, laugh, move hands around, stretch, squirm. twist about in the chair, relax or firmly grip the electrodes, shift feet about, or any other motion of the body.

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