Normal Is Boring

I am not normal, not by the average person’s definition. Now if you consider a person who is focused on spiritual development, operating with native spiritual abilities and working hard and steady to strengthen spiritual abilities  to be normal, then I am normal. And percieving, communicating with and helping spirits is perfectly normal to some people.

There is so much joy in helping so called “ghosts” move on. I do not like the word, “ghost” because a ghost is a term that most people use to refer to a spiritual being who has lost his or her body. I dislike the term,”entity” for the same reason.
It is one hell of a blast to be able to see spirits; spirits that normal people can not see.

Since these people lack to ability to see these spirits, they put labels on the people who have the natural ability to see spirits in whatever form the spirits project. Spirits can project themselves as they were at any point in their previous life or as they were at the time of death. Some project their natural form, which is usually perceived as a ball of light or an orb.
The people who perceive these spiritual projections are often ridiculed or outcast by the ignorant majority. But that majority is dwindling as huge numbers of people are awakening and these awakened individuals are reincarnating as indigo children.
Some of these children are being born into families who accept them and contribute to and support their spiritual growth. These are the fortunate ones.
Some are born into families composed of normal folks. These folks usually embrace religious dogma and mistaken natural spiritual ability as a product of a devil and an army of demons. I would say these children are not so lucky, but for all I know, they may have chose their parents so that they may gradually guide them into a higher state of understanding.
Normal people also think they live and die one time and that is it. When they are confronted with others who can remember past lives and deaths, they label those awakened individuals as crazy also.
And by normal standards, if one heals in the name of a god, they are regarded as saintly and enlightened through faith. But the ones who can heal with their natural abilities are usually considered to be using the power of demons.
Yes, I have the patience to allow such limited thinking without confronting it. Even though I personally consider such a attitude to be self righteous horse shit, it is not my place to judge other people, nor is it my duty to attempt to enlighten them. I do not seek to make them wrong, even though they usually make all others wrong if they are not stuck in their self created box of limitation with them in the so called condition of “normal”.

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