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I have run out implants in session a few times and got a few glimpses of the inside of a few implant stations in session. When in session, we are dealing with memories which are usually from long long ago. I never expected to encounter an implant station in present time while in session, much less an implant station that had locked in on me and was attempting to pull me in.

That is exactly what happened in 2014.  I had developed my own technique of handling many beings at once. You may notice I do not care to use the term, entities.

As a result of processing beings with my own form of group processing, my ability to see beings increased dramatically. I was now able to see orbs and they are everywhere. Helping lots of beings helped to increase my spiritual abilities also.

My practice was to expand to the point where I could feel any charge in the atmosphere around me for a one or two mile radius. I had been doing this for a few days and enjoying myself.

One Sunday afternoon, I was sitting my easy chair in my living room and expanded out and started locating charge to handle.

Then I was startled to find that I was caught up in a tractor beam which  was pulling me in a eastern direction in a line that was obviously pulling me away to a not so far away point outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. I say not so far away, the source seemed to not be far away from the Earth, at least not in deep space.

I immediately collapsed my space to the point that all of my awareness was in the room in which my body resided. The experience was rather frightening to say the least.

I sat there for a few minutes, scared out of my wits. For years, I wanted to do extraordinary spiriual feats and now I was sitting scared to expand my awareness to the state I had become rather comfortable with.

I decided right then and there, I was not going to run away. I immediately expanded once more to encompass a one or two mile radius. The tractor beam started pulling me away once more. I let it pull me for a minute or so, then I sent an intense charge of energy up the tube or beam. I could feel the energy expanding outwards at the end of the beam or tube. It blew out as in the form of an explosion and it was not very far away.

I was free from the beam, nothing was pulling me along any longer. I got up and walked around outdoors with my mind reeling over what had just happened.

Later that afternoon, I sat in my chair indoors and repeated my expansion. The tractor beam was back, pulling me to the east. It was wider, more dispersed and weaker. I allowed it to pull me in a bit and sent another surge of energy up the beam. The energy release at the other end was more dispersed as the pull had been the first time around. Once again, I was free, nothing was pulling me away.

The next morning, I expanded back out. An even weaker more dispersed beam tried to pull me, again to the east. I sent another charge up the line. It was gone and it never returned.

Shortly afterward, I told a friend of mine, who had been solo auditiing for many decades, of my experience and asked if he had ever had a similar experience.

He said it happened to him in the 1970s while doing the Scientology OT3 level. He said it scared the hell out of him so badly he would not expand out again for over 3 weeks.

My head got so big, I had trouble passing through doorways for some time. I was a novice in the field, but kicking hard with a lot of power!!

I have no idea how I knew to allow it to pull me for some time and then to send a charge up the line. I guess I had done it successfully at some time in the past.

No, I do not recommend attempting this at home…..

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