Notes on Ascension: What Comes After One Has Ascended

By Bodhi Warren


I have received questions about the current phenomena being addressed in the Inversion Sequence and Ascension Phasing, and I applaud all who are interested, as questions prod me to dig in and share understandings about these life, and universe, changing processes.
Please abide by Source data given by Ron. Since the NES group is dedicated to sharing wins and successes with NES tech, I decided to share my wins on this phenomena as I have discovered in my own phasing.
The LRH source data about each of these (two) versions of techniques are to be found in posts at NEW ERA SCIENTOLOGY — ESPERIANISM.
In applying the Ascension technique, I discovered something which systematically occurs and started happening inherently; spotting an identical phenomena at a greater magnitude which harmonics in life and universe.
Awareness of these large scale harmonics across all of existence, by the way, is an ability gained from the Ability and Intelligence rundown. This ability has been monumental in personal discoveries in all ensuing processes.
What is currently being addressed happens to be a goal Ron has been working on since very early on, and that is the technology of Transcendence. It so happens I may have stumbled onto it, or more aptly have Ascended to it, by applying his data; as was intended since the beginning.
As far back as the Ls, Ron included the item ‘self-transcendence’ on the 8th dynamic list, and in his book, Scientology Infinity, page 1 has a quote: “Only transcendental philosophy knows the path.”
Inversion Sequence and Ascension Phasing are that path and they are the way to transcendence.
A key to understanding Inversion and Ascension is they both look at the same basic phenomena. Ron discovered additional data to the Ascension technique thus making it easier.
One can see the similarities and differences by studying and applying the procedures.
The most important thing to keep in mind is to follow LRH’s path, apply his data, and the truth will unfold for you.
Cliff notes:
INVERSION technique: spot .014, step through it and revert (item) as it should be.
ASCENSION technique: spot .014, spot its opposition and similarities between the two, discharge in space between both incidents. This is data of COMPARABLE magnitude.
After one gains Ascension, completely exterior to all mest and identity:
TRANSCENDENCE technique: spot the .00000014, this spots one’s identity in all the vast universe (an inversion to a true static) and reverts it as it should be. This is data of INCOMPARABLE magnitude.
LRH notes:
“Let us start with the standard definition of ascension and it is: ‘the act of rising to an important position or a higher level’.
This most assuredly occurs.
What to call it after one has gained an Ascended state? I call it Transcendence.
The process itself gets one to this point; a process of Ascension. Once achieved, is yet another level of awareness.
Thus, one stage is rising to a higher level and another stage is having attained a higher level.
“By a higher level in phasing we are RETURNING all of the enturbulated theta…to the individual FULLY.”
Once all the entheta has been fully returned to the individual, they can now use that to enhance qualities of existence at a greater degree and awareness.
The static counterpart that exists in the universe, that I am addressing now, is ‘me’ at a mest level.
In other words, we are looking at:
Scientology Axiom 48: Life is a game wherein theta as the static solves the problems of theta as mest.
Transcendence technique shows that life is a game wherein ‘me’ as the true static solves the problems of ‘me’ as a mest being. These are not data of comparable magnitude, these are data of incomparable magnitude. The importance of this I will have to take up in another post.
We can say life is a game wherein theta as the static solves the inversions of theta as mest; one assumes a transcendent true static state and starts resolving inversions at a much greater magnitude.
One does not even really need to postulate specifics; one simply intends and flows true static directly to an identity. A causal flow of true static power and alignment; a direct revelation from theta as the static to theta as mest.
“Life in the mest universe is in essence… a communication from you to you.” 5406C15B communication from you (as the static) to you (as mest).
The problem of incomparable magnitude to self as a true static is .00000014. Theta as the static is incomparable in magnitude to theta as mest.
This brings one to a full comprehension of the immense value of ‘problems of incomparable magnitude’. LRH says, “Problem of incomparable magnitude is incomparably superior” (to problem of comparable magnitude) 5611C08; this is what one recognizes as a true static.
Suffice to say the reason it is superior is it “harmonics on the native state of a thetan”. 5702C01
And this is why Transcendence technique fits so well with what Ron has been doing. Ron constantly releases data that undercuts, makes processes simpler, finds more accessible approaches and even greater gains.
Transcendence technique (data of incomparable magnitude) fits so well in this regard. It produces a greater level of awareness in an approach and addresses and handles a greater amount of phenomena, and simpler. And it is all based on the same principles as the Inversion Sequence.
Smoothness and simplicity of technique, however, do not always impart it will be easygoing. This technique can cause substantial havoc on an environment.
I agree with Ron that this life processing “is BRUTAL”. What happens is that the actual universe shifts and when the universe shifts a thetan feels the clash and abruptness of theta overcoming mest. It is as if the laws of this universe have imposed a slower rate of change and theta is breaking those laws.
This processing totally bypasses the universal bureaucracy and totality of agreement, as it brings order to chaos and provides stable data into a confusion.
Theta universe shifts and mest universe follows. It is so powerful, large shifts happen in a short time; cause at a universal static level. This universe is not always appreciative of that much change in so short a time; it balks. The underlying fabric of this universe seems to have a resistance to this change and it becomes very obvious.
Dianetic Axiom 67: Theta contains its own theta universe effort which translates into mest effort.
When theta universe effort changes mest effort changes; theta commands it, and sometimes can be quite uncomfortable. Esperians are highly empathic and can perceive the harsh discomforts of all who are perforce going through these efforts and changes.
As a thetan is very intuitive to what is happening, one can ride out the storm and follow along with these changes; knowing full well it is in the best interests of theta; there may be many burdens, “liabilities”, “warnings” and “cautions” to make one to avoid these changes.
I can attest to what LRH says that it can “cause general mayhem inside and outside of session”, thus a price to pay to achieve case gain and better conditions. This is a constant willingness to fight back; toughness as a true static. It is an actual sensation of reversing a dwindling spiral as it shudders to a grinding halt and starts back upscale again to an ascending spiral.
And it all started with the discovery of the Inversion Sequence.
LRH: “The true way out of this is to run the COMPOSITE case that exists between the being and the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE – with the principles of the inversion sequence. They will become Cleared Theta Clear so fast even they won’t believe it and it has happened to THEM.”
I do believe it – because it has happened to ME.

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