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By Bodhi Warren


Null synonyms are numb, no motion, stuckness, forgot, not-know, unknown, no feeling, no sensation, no contact; cannot see, cannot feel, cannot sense; irresponsible, total amnesia; anesthesia

I was asked about the null aspect of a case and its meaning. This is my interpretation of how I view this subject especially as it relates to running recent processing and new developments in the tech.

I add my own views on this and I invite anyone to add their own as a discussion, not as source; please refer to source data in LRH hcobs, books and lectures.

Null to me means numb. It is without feeling, sensation and knowingness. That’s why it was so hard to find until now. We are now finding phenomena that surfaces when we look for a numb ‘not-know’ aspect of case.

Imagine an implant that installs pain and confusion and at the end says ‘cannot be seen, felt or sensed’. Just as an engram bouncer commands one to ‘stay out’.

I gain an understanding as I communicate with it and start running it; I see how it runs for self; one pays close attention; one senses it; how do I feel when I run it; it’s something that one easily glosses over unless one is specifically looking for it; as if it was meant to never be caught or seen.

A null needle “doesn’t get a change of pattern or a react on the question.” 6105C07 “the needle continuing to behave in an action uninfluenced by the auditing question.” BIEM. The cause of this type of needle reaction is either a non-confront burying something or no case phenomena.

Theta perceptics can differentiate a non-reading NULL ITEM and a non-reading clean ‘non-item’; I sense if there is actually something underneath an item; I look, look, look to make sure there is nothing or something underneath; ‘looking’ will either produce something or nothing; audit the something; and if it is nothing, you should be happy and content about it.

“You are trying to make somebody confront things. They then start confronting the things they haven’t confronted in the bank and then the next thing you know, it turns up that they have a number of overts. …they’re totally irresponsible for anything they’ve ever done to it, because they aren’t doing anything to it. They are it. And the first thing they would tell you is that they’ve never done anything to it and you’ll get a null reading on the e-meter…as you go along and in general processing, the person begins to confront more and more of the pictures of his bank and we phrase it as ‘his responsibility rises’. …he’s now confronted enough of his bank to individuate slightly from his pictures. And the moment he does that the string of overts which he did against the objects appear.” 6109C27

Null synonyms are numb, no motion, stuckness, forgot, not-know, unknown, no feeling, no sensation, no contact; cannot see, cannot feel, cannot sense; irresponsible, total amnesia; anesthesia

“A heavy blow gives amnesia. A heavy force field can utterly nullify the entire personalness of a being. …You will find electronic incidents very vicious and so heavy that they push one down scale to a not-beingness which is summed up by ‘I am not’, ‘I know not’.” 8-80

“we get the anatomy of amnesia. …a total not-know. Get that, he was in a state that he knew everything, potentially could know anything, and then he had to drop into this state of not-knowing everything. Well, this ‘not-knowing everything’ is a total amnesia. …That’s just a wipeout.” 5712C30

“all we’re looking at is degrees of responsibility, that’s all, for identity, for beingness, for life, for time…One is unwilling to take responsibility in certain zones and areas, one forgets. …Their responsibilities are poor. In other words, responsibility and memory, responsibility and identity, so forth: these things go right straight together. Irresponsibility and amnesia and so forth; these things go together.” 6001C01

“perpetual amnesia. ‘Dead forever’, they call it” 6308C06

Imagine a dead body on a meter versus an actor pretending to be a dead body, this latter will read, you can feel the breath, there is an underlying energy and phenomena; there’s something there alive when you look at it close enough. All of life is practically this pretense.

“Over-restimulation is the cause of amnesia. All you have to do is overrestimulate somebody, you get amnesia.” 6308C28

“a state of total amnesia and gaaa, having been lied to to this degree” 6307C23

“not-know it and get it beautifully buried in the middle of matter, energy, space and time. He not-knows obsessively. The only way you can keep going on this time track is to not-know its past and future every given instant. And you’re doing that automatically every given instant. You’re not-knowing, not-knowing, not-knowing, not-knowing. Pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa. I’d keep talking to you about this until every one of you had amnesia. …bury and get out of view…He just not-knew the works. …as his greatest accomplishment not-knowingness, the first postulate. …the only thing, you could say, that makes a person totally unclear is a not-knowing automaticity which wipes out and buries every unsavory datum and confusion and violence in the whole bank. …This then apparently is the product – this not-knowingness…those things which are aberrative in the preclear, first and foremost, of being not-known by the preclear. They are the first things he targeted as not-known. …This in itself is unconsciousness. This is unconsciousness. A person withdraws, withdraws, withdraws and the action of withdrawing from his environment brings about a state of not being in communication with his environment, which brings about a state of total not-know. But the basic postulate back of anything is not-know.” 5807C14

There are two approaches to auditing, from the bottom up or the top down. We are now at a point where we address case phenomena from an altitude above mass and energy; Dianetics for example, addresses case phenomena by entering at a level of energy and moves up to postulates off. We now are at a level above energy and approach case phenomena at the high tone level of ‘not-know’ and reach down, into, permeate and as-is.

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