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There are a few things that should be added regarding what was written

in HCOB 11 JANUARY 2020 about Objective End Phenomena and how it

applies subjectively.

The way it works is like this.

Normally an auditor will have a PC in session and would be running a

process until an F/N, COG, and VGI’S is achieved.

At which time the auditor would then indicate to the PC that the needle

is floating on the meter and it was time to end session.

The only problem with this is it appears over eighty percent of the auditors today do not ensure that a PC gets the postulates off of a case and are not

making certain that the EP the PC is having is conducive and relevant to the

process that is being run in session.

For example:

We have an auditor running a communications process on Grade 0 and

upon the PC saying that he is hungry and needs a peanut butter and jelly

sandwich the auditor indicates the F/N and calls the session.

If you think that I am joking about this I am not.

I have actually seen this happen and have gleaned it from numerous

worksheets over the last few years.


What it is a giant joke and a major flap on the part of C/S’s and auditors for ever letting it happen.

Fortunately I have made some new technological breakthroughs that

have lead to each and every Scientology practitioner being able to produce an


From here on out nothing else should be used in calling a session except for the following.

And if you are a PC or an auditor you are a damn fool if you do not

heed this advice.

I usually never allow my case to effect what I write but on this one

point I will make an exception and say this:

If a person does not do this they are a criminal, guilty of a High Crime,

and deserve to be shot!

That is that.

It is so vitally important that if you fail to utilize the OEP you will not

produce any long-term result in auditing and will only create a being that is

temporarily free and will one day mock up their Reactive Mind again.

That is a fact.

The two major out-points that have been discovered in Scientology are

the lack of using the full EP of Dianetics in Scientology processing (mainly

pulling and asking for the postulate in session) and erroneously calling

COG’s and EP’s.

The way to avoid this is to use the OEP in determining when to end off

a session or a process.

It applies best to the use of Technique 0 but can be achieved with previous Standard Tech as well.

Provided it is integrated properly and the OEP is used instead of the

standard EP.




An OBJECTIVE COGNITION is one that can be observed by not

only the PC but the auditor and everyone else as well.

You can see the thing. It makes sense.

It is what qualifies the Objective Cognition and sets it apart from the

standard cognition.

It is an A to B type of cognition where the PC is able to see why what

happened to them 800 quadrillion years ago (the known relative time-frame

of all existence) has effected them along the wholetrack and in present time.

The Objective Cognition then usually leads to an EXTRAPOLATION

which can best be described as “seeing the whole scene in front of one.”

In mathematical terms an extrapolation means to plot points on a line or

graph in order to predict more numbers or data beyond what is known.

It works the same way with the mind here.

Once a person has had an Objective Cognition they can then see from

A to B and are exterior from all of the incidents and the data in-between


As a result of having brought all incidents, data, and postulates into a

perfect balance or equilibrium this exterior viewpoint is obtained with the

ability to know all of the data associated with it.

So in the same way a person can predict data on a graph far beyond a

certain point a being can also know beyond just the A and B points mentioned


It should be said that these points can be composed of any MEST or

point of awareness along the wholetrack plotted against time.

Which brings one to the real meat and potatoes of the OEP and that is


It is exactly what it sounds like.

A Rising Needle that is followed by a Fall or Long Fall Blown Down

and then a Floating Needle.

It is all three of these reads in order, combined, and on a repeat basis.

The needle will rise, rise, rise… Fall or Blown Down once or more

times… then go into a floating needle.

It will do this time after time and you can ask any processing command

or about any major running item and it will not do anything but follow this


What the meter is mechanically demonstrating is that a certain range of

charge that is being addressed via processing has been optimized and aligned

perfectly between two extremes of completely negative and completely positive.

Those are both no-games conditions and are not what is wanted or is

optimum in life or the universe.

On the other hand.

The point of balance or equilibrium would be a static being’s native position on a subject or two extremes.

It further means that all charge that is either positive, negative, or

static has been as-ised fully.

There is a big misconception that because something has been as-ised

we should somehow forget it or not be able to see that again.

That is a lie.

If we have totally seen something as-is we have full recall, command,

and use of it analytically.

We have only erased the abberative or unknown aspects which have

been converted to conceptual and analytical experience.

So when you see the needle rising, rising, rising, the PC’s analytical

mind is confronting other new masses in the environment in order to remedy

the Havingness of losing so much charge or masses in session.

The PC will continuously and unconsciously pull in masses unless this

is remedied by running Assimilation, Empathy, or Interchange processing.

You can also run SDS processing for the static being itself but either

will work just fine to remedy Havingness.

This is why the Falls and Long Fall Blowndowns always follow the

Rising Needle.

As a being unknowingly pulls in mass from the environment it then

blows off residual masses and charge that was addressed in session.

A Floating Needle then follows these Blows and it will generally sway

three to four times back and forth before it begins to Rise again and repeat the

whole process.

Two things can then happen here.

The auditor running a process can then remedy havingness until the

needle goes null or end off session and let the PC’s own bank sort it out of its

own accord.

It will occur outside of session.

This is generally recommended as the life and livingness around the PC

will dictate what they need and want and that is what they will pulled in on


The only time this would be ignored is in the circumstance of repairs or

some sort of similar action.

The PC can then be run and have their havingness remedied and there

will be no chance of any residual case restimulation.

To sum all of this up the Objective End Phenomena is an Objective

Cognition, Extrapolation, and a Rising Floating Needle or R-F/N.

From here on out there is no other EP that is aimed for except this in

determining when and where to end off a processing session.

This also applies to all major end phenomenons such as on the Grades

and Pre-OT levels.

It is a high crime to do otherwise.

For the sake of yourself, your PC’s, and Scientology.

Do not for get it!


Copyright © 2020

by L. Ron Hubbard


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