Observations and Realizations: Transcendence as a True Static



Any time someone seeks happiness, they are at that moment aiding and abetting an acceptance of unhappiness.

Any time someone seeks anything, they are at that moment inviting and empowering an acceptance of its opposite.

When one desires anything as one side of a dichotomy, they are consenting to the receipt of a polar opposite.

And this is because:

When one desires anything, they are implying and indicating to the universe that they are resisting an opposite. The stronger the urge towards one pole, the stronger the reverse flows onto self.

Until one is a true static, there is a liability of being caught in the dichotomies of life.

When one is a true static it imparts neutrality in life; and one is an equilibrium amidst all the vagaries of life.

When I first realized I was maintaining a transcendent state, I was encountering several cogs in life just walking through it. I had realized I had certain fixed data I had never even considered.

We often hear of the phrase ‘selective hearing’ wherein a person appears to only hear what is important to them. I have discovered, and admit I had, what may be named ‘selective confront’. Confronting only some aspects of life. What went un-confronted manifested as randomity.

In a transcendent state, one gains an ability to confront an enormous amount that was priorly, not confronted. Simple basics which are fixed.

Whenever I felt the slightest inclination to avoid or reach, I asked myself ‘why?’. I blew down each time I asked this question. I resolved a few hundred basic questions like this in the first couple of days.

After Inversion and Ascension, there is one last sheathing to be as-ised, a layer to be unraveled, and when it does it leaves one in a transcendent state. This step of transcendence uncovers the final veil.

One by one, the fixed ‘only one’ data of the universe, and self, just blows.

Let’s say a piano falls on one’s foot. The question to ask is, why do I have a foot? True static blows down on questions such as this immediately, as these involve fixed ideas of long-duration as major wholetrack considerations.

The reality is that once one blows these considerations they most likely have assured they will never have a piano fall on a foot. The resistance and the desire are what cause the mishap. No resistance and no desire, equals no mishap.

“When you step out into space in the MEST universe in a body, you fall. It corrects that error right now by punishing it. That’s an error and you mustn’t do that and so you’ll remember the fall and therefore you won’t step out into space again. The answer to that is ‘What are you doing in a body?'” 5303C24

Let’s say I encounter something in life that threatens survival on any one of the dynamics. If I feel the slightest twinge or resistance to this, the question to ask myself is, why? A true static blows down and at that same moment as-ises any possibility of a threat to survival. The resistance and desire are what causes it to happen.

The same can be said for times I reach or want something, ‘why’?

We may be looking at harmonics of the same basic phenomena that translate into a scale:

STATIC – postulates and perceives

THETAN – reaches and withdraws

MEST – desires and resists

And, once again we have a trichotomy of self and universe.

A goal is “to be up there to make a postulate so high above energy; because you get a postulate above energy, the more a postulate goes out of energy and space into a higher-level postulate, the more it pervades all space. …anything…is best commanded, from an altitude which is timeless, spaceless, energiless.” PDC 67

And from the standpoint of a static, these fixed ideas we have about life and universe are trivial; trifles for the most part, and are totally unnecessary.

True static brings truth to the scene. We have so many lies in place keeping us busily going about life, taking for granted how many lies we maintain simply for the sake of some randomity and a game.

This type of existence is over. A higher order of havingness is at hand; and the pain and effort of the past has been as-ised at the source, me.

– And, now True Static embarks on a much better game.

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