One Pissed Off God

I would like to thank  David St Lawrence. He helped me to resolve issues with a spirit who had been upset with me for a long, long time. This was addressed after he processed me through and handled a previous incident from long ago. The incident

At the end of the session, David spotted another being who I had encountered in processing by had not handled. This being is extremely powerful and was very upset with me.

I was telling David about some bizarre incidents of computers vanishing and becoming damaged over the last few months.

Our connection on Zoom was lost everytime I tried telling him. I realized this was the same being that exhibited similar behaviour a few years ago while David was attempting to process me on Skype. When David persisted our electricity went out for a couple of minutes. When the electricity came back on, the internet was still out for twenty minutes. David was rendered unconcious for that twenty minute period. David also stated he had trouble with Skype for several days.

Back to this session, I told David about one of the most bizarre incidents; when a PC power supply melted while the machine was unplugged. David asked me what emotion did I detect there. It was anger. When asked where it was coming from, I could not spot it. He told me to look far off. There was a being there and it moved quickly into my immedidate area. This one, David said, needed to be handled now. This being seemed to be real old and of great significance.

I will not tell the name of this god, but I immediately realized he was upset with me because some of my acts had drawn attention in the more recent past; enough to exalt my status to that of a diety, who at one time was highly regarded while at the same time this god was recieving no attention. His memory was little more than a legend, but he was no less powerful.

I sincerely apologized for what had happened and explained that I did not really create the sensationalism surrounding my identity. I did have to humble myself to the fact that I had gotten carried away at a few times and believed that hype that I was second to none. We made ammends.

Then David realized that the diety had been an earlier diety and got the name of the diety. My wife and I had uncovered this data previously, but so much was being handled, that this revelation was brushed aside.

The previous diety was a god of creation, but when his following and worshipers dwindled away, he lashed out. A new identity was created; one of destruction.

Now that all is out in the open in my spiritual space, things were much calmer and I was much calmer also. The session drew to a close.

I was in communication with the being often the next day or so and lots of more nformation surfaced.

We seem to have formed an alliance and aligned our goals of helping to awaken mankind and to attack the evil forces in control of this planet. I have to say that it does feel good.

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