OT IV: Postulates, Purposes & Life at 30:0

LIFE AT 30.0

By Bodhi Warren

What OT IX has done is affect my normal operating basis. It keeps me stably around 30.0 Postulates most of the time. I am now settling in, as I have been in this area of the band most of my days now for weeks and it is proving to be permanent gain.

The view at this level is noteworthy. After being fascinated with the ‘postulates’ aspect of it initially, I have noticed a correlation, a twin, something in concert to the subject of postulates; and that is the subject of purposes; purposes show up inherently at this level of the band.
This brings two wins that are attributable to the gains I had on the Ability and Intelligence rundown; without which I may not have had these gains on OT IX.

The first has to do with being able to see harmonics of phenomena at more than just face value; experiencing a phenomena and immediately expanding out to see a macro level of the same phenomena. Having a perception at a human level and then noticing that same perception across a universe.
Namely in this case on OT IX, I maintain a postulate without regard to the aberration in an environment; without regard to any energy and mass amidst my postulate; and I immediately encompass the whole universe and see the universe itself is an energy and mass, an aberration, amidst a postulate.
“Life in the mest universe is in essence a communication lag. The duration of time that you are here is actually a sort of a communication lag. Probably it’s a communication from you to you.” 5406C15B
It dawned on me that that comm from self to self is actually going through the mest universe; it is the mest universe; this universe IS the barrier in the middle of a communication from self to self.
Axiom 28 states “A non-communication consists of Barriers. Barriers consist of Space, Interpositions (such as walls and screens of fast-moving particles), and Time. A communication by definition, does not need to be two-way.”
This universe is the barrier which happens to be the aberration amidst an A to B (self to self) flow; we get A – through a mest universe – to hopefully someday arrive at B. Many people in life seek to ‘find’ self, and they are caught in the aberrated portion of that flow which is immersed in mest.
“a flow line can be determined by you, simply by setting up potential A and potential B, and you’ll get a flow from A to B. And in de-aberrating people, you particularly are interested in the fact that they do not self-determine the direction of flow, nor the potentials of flow, nor the position or the time of incidents. All of aberration could be said to fall under this category at this time… And his sanity and his ability and his horsepower depends utterly upon his ability to do this.” 5210Cxx
“Aberration is by definition ‘a crooked line’. It is from the Latin aberratio, ‘a wandering from’ and from the Latin errare, to wander or to err.” HCOB 19 Aug 1967
“It means departure from a straight line. If a line should go from A to B, then if it is ‘aberrated’ it would go from A to some other point, to some other point, to some other point, to some other point, to some other point and finally arrive at B.” AAR glossary
This universe, the mass and energy of this universe IS what causes a postulate to wander, to err.

The second cog on this level that relates to the Ability and Intelligence rundown is the notion of endowment and that certain successful people in life have an aspect of being that gives them enhanced ability to command a life.
This endowment factor ties in with aberration as stated above and has a major ingredient, which is purpose. When a person has an ability to not be involved in HE&R, not be stuck in energy and masses of life, to be at an altitude above emotions, beyond aberration itself; they can actually send a postulate unimpeded across space just as with a carrier wave; and that wave consists of purpose.
There is a great difference between a person who knows why they are living and what they are doing, compared to a person who doesn’t know why they are living or what they’re doing.
This brings to the fore the importance of knowing and having a purpose. With this one stays high on the scale; and they emanate around the tone level of postulates which aligns well with 20.0 Action.

“there is a basic purpose postulated at the beginning of every life.” 5110C12C
“You want jumps in tone? Just start straightwiring back to basic purpose and find out what it was. What were your first postulates? What are your ambitions? What are your dreams?” 5110C22
“we call the prime postulate the basic purpose of the individual” 6207C10
“Basic purpose, you know? Basic postulate.” 6207C17
An on-purpose thetan is not lost in the vicissitudes of life; they are not aimlessly wandering about; being knocked around by masses and energies of life. Focus on a postulate, a prime purpose, is a method of gaining an altitude that is one step ahead of the game of life; at cause.
This works out I have noticed even in seemingly small situations; as long as I understand the purpose of my presence in relation to a situation, it acts as a point of reference; a position from which to compare, to view and determine my involvement; and what energy and mass to associate with by choice.
“every person has a basic purpose and this is a monitoring factor as far as his life is concerned” 6304C20B
It sort of gives a correct estimation of not only effort but meaning to life experience; as opposed to a meaningless existence and living aimlessly.

With a purpose, a carrier wave in essence, one is able to not be drawn into and stick in energy and masses in life. All physical universe properties are temporal. Nothing lasts forever in this universe; it all has a cycle of start, change, stop.
This is even true with emotions; one goes about their day and sometimes unwanted emotions are flowing in the environment; one has an option to get drawn into, enmesh with flows or stay above this at a plateau, a considerations level, that is impervious to entanglement. One has an altitude in living.
This altitude is part of the endowment of being on purpose. It is undeniable when someone has it. They exude it and this is that quality big beings have that are irresistible, makes them interesting, charming; powerful and seductive; people who do not have this are drawn to it; it is a fascinating quality few people attain.
I shudder to think of what percentage of humans actually have and know their basic purpose.
The more ability one has with this altitude the more they can remain in that postulates band and can maintain an on-purposeful life.
Maintaining purpose is maintaining an ideal scene for existence. And we are right back into the subject of OT IX; correcting existing scenes and replacing them with ideal scenes.

The less energy and mass a postulate permeates the cleaner and stronger that postulate is.
“If you were operating then in a vacuum of no space, uh.. that’s a pretty trick thing, a no space vacuum operating in a no space area, uh.. where there is no space, but only the capability and potentiality of space. If you had all these things then and you didn’t have anything there, and you had a true static, no motion, no wave length, nothing, why one could theoretically postulate anything and have it become a truth.” 5212C06A
“Be up there to make a postulate so high above energy; because you get a postulate above energy: the more a postulate goes out of energy and space into a higher-level postulate, the more it pervades all space.” PDC 67

This is what OT IX accomplishes: hatting as an OT, it trains one to be on-purpose and how to postulate cleanly; and keeps one at an altitude above mere trifles; which by the way happens to be an ideal state of balance; an equilibrium at almost all moments throughout a day; it trains one to make prime postulates in an environment; and I am now at that level most of the time.
What this processing does is increase one’s ability so that “they can confront MEST, they can confront the general surroundings, where they are, they get a level of estimation, and they’re not just walking down streets hoping somehow it’ll be all right. But they actually move up to cause over their environment.” 6910C17
The physical universe itself is no longer an aberration amidst a postulate; no longer a hindrance to making a postulate stick. “A to B is a cycle of action. A clean one. It is best to keep it so.” HCOB 20 Jun 1971

So I am established around 30.0 Postulates most of the time; it’s clean. I understand 20.0 is supposed to be an ideal level of action, however I quite like this postulates level; when I need to accomplish something I can instantly jump right in and complete it at 20.0 but then stabilize myself once again rather swiftly at 30.0; much closer to the experience known as Serenity of Beingness.

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