By Bodhi Warren

One thing I can say for sure about OT IX is it gets to some very crucial core aspects of this universe, a thetan’s stuckness; stuckness in a mass; and so involves some very heavy, rough travels; one must persevere and get through it.

It is very daunting and creates a lot of shifting around stable data; data which has been lies – fixed and stable false data into a games universe. When one shifts these, as-ises them, it causes some very heavy duty deep-rooted emotions to confront; as mest laws and mechanics lose their placing in the face of an emerging static awareness.
The terrain is sometimes brutal and tough. And then one makes it through to a new state, enhances in a direction of, in aspects of omniscience and omnipotence; and then not long after runs into the next aspect to tackle. And wham; one is right back into core aspects of existence once again.
A short session goes a very long way. Little sessions alleviate the reasons we lost our omniscient and omnipotent powers and qualities. When these fixed ideas let loose it shows one how powerful this auditing is; and how necessary this auditing is for our continued expansion and freedom as a being; regaining a stable true static state.
Thus we are auditing ourselves into a new breed. A thetan at this level is becoming a new breed. One we haven’t seen before. A thetan with a certain type of experience, knowingness, wisdom, know-how; one knows the mechanisms of traps and not likely to be in such a state again.
One replaces fixed stable lies with a stable self; one’s truth becomes the stability necessary in maintaining a state of OT.
As previously mentioned in wins on OT IX, a thetan’s basic purpose comes to the fore; a thetan has “gathered up available life force and suddenly channeled it along basic purpose lines, making a high level of concentration of life force.” DMSMH
“There have never been thetans who were Clear OT and COMPETENT. Something new has been added.” HCO PL 4 Jan 1971
“That’s a peculiar, peculiar thing—that we are doing something that life hasn’t ever done. See, this is something new. It really is something new. It’s something new to life. Because I don’t know of it’s doing this consciously anywhere down the track. It’s a piece of know-how which is superior to the thetan.” 5411C09
That know-how which is superior to the thetan is a true static.
“You will never be– never be the same as you were; you can’t be the same as you were because you are now an experienced you. Oh, yes, you can be as strong as you ever were, but I don’t think you could ever be that stupid again.” 6307C09
“He uses his own basic purposes and is for the first time wholly himself. Operating Thetan – This state of being is attained by drills and familiarity…” HCOB 12 July 1965
OT IX is full of drills familiarizing one and honing a state of OT.

“the basic purpose of a man is the same, more or less, as the basic purpose of the universe. In other words, the universe has a basic purpose” 6208C16
“The highest purpose in this universe is the creation of an effect.” Axiom 10
“The fantastic thing has occurred of finding out how it is that the masses came into being in the first place. And that’s really pretty fantastic to plumb that particular secret. But that is the secret of any being. That is his secret. How did the masses materialize in the first place? They materialized through an alter-isness of his basic purpose. …it’s an alter-is of this one idée fixe, the basic purpose of the being.” 6209C27
So he goes from being Static, to being involved with a purpose, to getting snagged by his involvement; and then alters that purpose to create a mass.
I regained an ability to maintain control of, regaining a full responsibility for placement of attention, ability to focus intention and importantly emotions. Oddly enough, this opened up the why of wholetrack amnesia.

After running black holes and most importantly white holes it was no surprise a connection, “A heavy blow gives amnesia. A heavy force field can utterly nullify the entire personalness of a being. … You will find electronic incidents very vicious and so heavy that they push one down scale to a not-beingness which is summed up by ‘I am not’, ‘I know not’. … Somatics of great conviction, however, await your first contact with Black and White.” 8-80
“And we get this fantastic state of affairs, we get the anatomy of amnesia. Now, you’ve all heard all of this but you haven’t heard about amnesia. Amnesia is that game which a thetan plays when he plays that game. … he was in a state that he knew everything, potentially could know anything, and then he had to drop into this state of not-knowing everything. Well, this ‘not-knowing everything’ is a total amnesia. Don’t you see? That’s just a wipeout.” 5712C30
White holes enhance that wipeout and on OT IX we take and run it in reverse, “and then wipe out the not-know in order to get back up here into a native state.” 5712C30
This is what opened up my responsibility for my emotions; control of my emotions and thoughts. A being causes his own feelings, pure and simple.
“You see, we just get – all we’re looking at is degrees of responsibility, that’s all, for identity, for beingness, for life, for time and so forth. Just degree of responsibility; that’s all it amounts to. …responsibility and memory, responsibility and identity, so forth: these things go right straight together. Irresponsibility and amnesia and so forth; these things go together. And that’s what, basically, a lot of this is about.” 6001C01
White holes were the glue points over-restimulating implants which dictate our involvements in this universe; sticking one into a mass. As-is these and one regains memory stuck points, and opens up aspects of omniscience once again.
“Over-restimulation is the cause of amnesia. All you have to do is over-restimulate somebody, you get amnesia. It’s the cause of weird behavior. It’s the cause of a lot of things. It’s the cause of making you feel like your skull’s coming off. It’s the cause of making your body feel bad. It doesn’t matter much what part of the body feels bad or what’s the significance of feel bad is, it’s the overcharge that makes one feel bad. One feels nervy, edgy-that sort of thing.” 6308C28
OT IX turns this on and with persistence, one blows it and regains enormous potential for omniscience; resolving wholetrack amnesia, reason for.
“You’re strictly on your own man, in a state of total amnesia and gaaa, having been lied to to this degree with your track all scrambled.” 6307C23
The thetan as a static is a stable datum, and that confusion is Incident Zero.
“One of his best solutions is to not-know. So the best solution the preclear has is to get a stable datum about something, then not-know it and get it beautifully buried in the middle of matter, energy, space and time. He not-knows obsessively.
The only way you can keep going on this time track is to not-know its past and future every given instant. …You’re not-knowing, not-knowing, not-knowing, not-knowing. … the preclear’s method of getting rid of confusion was to bury and get out of view both the confusion and the stable datum which kept it from being a total confusion to him.
He just not-knew the works. So as you audit him – as you audit him, the stable data come up – comes up. If you let him wipe out that stable datum then he becomes the heir to all the confusion. …They are the first things he targeted as not-known. They were painful. This in itself is unconsciousness. This is unconsciousness.” 5807C14
OT IX audits this confusion at the time of incident zero, regaining a static which is an ultimate stable datum, the ultimate no motion amidst a motion of the universe; and unburies that confusion bringing back an optimum balance and results in a new breed of thetan; the budding of a true static.

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