Out of Body Exteriorization

By Argos


              Please take full responsibility in applying the mental trainings I am going to propose here, you can read what is all about safely, and then decide to test or not to test the workability of what is proposed.

              It is best if you are feeling good and strong, in a pleasant place, quiet and without too much actual or potential disturbances…

              It is not a good idea to try the following if you are tired, dealing with a present time problem, or just not happy enough…

              Just a reminder before we start, The Soul or Thetan, the being, YOU, has many, many abilities, the first, the main one,

              the most important one, IS THE ABILITY TO PUT ATTENTION AT !

             At the highest level, THE STATIC is able to put attention at anything considerable, starting with its own considerations, to consider, is to put attention at, permeate the object of attention, experience it, being it, reflect on it, think of it, if the attention reaches nothing, but its own attention, you HAVE the very first consideration which is TO BE able to put attention to something considerable, which constitutes the very first >INTENTION<  the postulate so established as TO DO anything to achieve total infinite eternal beingness…

              The Soul, YOU, has the same identical attributes and abilities of the Static…so be confident for what follows…

                                   the Static’s intention is to be, for ever, without any conditions

So here we go:

Put attention to an object around you, [can be anything material, a wall, a plant, a chair, a light bulb…]

OK! make that object put attention to you, [you have to assume being the object, and send attention back to you]

OK! put attention an other object around you[start with objects or things close enough to you, then expand]

OK! Make that object put attention to you[ so you understand it is two ways, attention outwards, then backwards,]

Ok! Put attention an other object…….

OK! Make that object put attention to you…..

Just continue that training until a clear cog, as where attention does come from!

Do not mind about the okeying, I take care of it![My entities too]

NOW, next step is : close your eyes, put attention to your own attention, [stay put like that as long as you can…]

Warning, you can stop there  if you feel you did not made any real cognition, the training above is violent, it short circuit

the vital flux from the being, but if you dare to do it, the results shall be beyond anything you could have expected…

Another process…

Tell me something you don’t mind to be ”IN”

Tell me something you don’t mind to be ”out” [from/of]

Tell me something you don’t mind to be both ”in” and ”out” in the same time…


and another process….

What could happen in your future that you could not confront?

What could happen in your future that you could easily confront?

Answer both again and again until flat, E=meter not necessary but showing what you resist most about!

An upgraded version…

What I specially don’t want to know about me?

What I have no problem to know about me?

Who would you like to be?

Who would you like an other to be?

Who would you like others to be?

Run until exterior [at least, exterior to your conditions] Out of body experience.

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